Common Mistakes To Avoid During Linksys RE6400 Installation

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Installing the Linksys re6400 extender easily at your place can improve the existing internet signals ensuring maximized WiFi coverage. However, the extender setup process might come with some share of challenges due to some common mistakes that you make. Here, we have compiled a list of points that can help you to avoid and steer clear of setup difficulties. Check them out precisely.

Linksys RE6400 Setup

Skipping The Manual Guide

It might be tempting to start your Linksys RE6400 setup process without checking its manual setup guide. However, you will ignore the setup instructions and the extender’s default login and other credentials in doing so. That guide contains the setup basic steps along with other details that you need during the Linksys re6400 setup. So, take a few minutes to check that guide before jumping to the setup that will help you a lot.

Wrong Placement Of Extender

In the second step, the extender’s placement plays a crucial role during and after the Linksys re6400 setup. The incorrect placement can lead to connectivity issues and the signal’s strength as well. So, don’t place it too far from the router during the setup, and also avoid placing it near electrical things.

More than that, keep the metal objects away from these devices which can hinder signal transmission. Here we recommend you place it at a central location for improved WiFi coverage and uninterrupted signals. Make sure it is at least two feet above the ground.

Weak Network Security And Connectivity

While connecting your Linksys extender to the existing router’s network make sure that network has strong security and encryption protocol. The weak security of the network can cause you to compromise the security and impact its performance badly. Moreover, your extender must be connected strongly to the router’s network for a successful Linksys re6400 setup.

Neglecting LED Signs

Though the re6400 extender comes with different LED indications that define its working and connectivity with different colors and signs. These signs can help you a lot to get to know the setup process while you perform that. So, keep checking the light indications and check the manual setup guide to know more about what they denote.

Ignoring The Factory Default Settings

The last thing you might ignore is to check whether the extender is in factory default settings or not. It is necessary to have the extender in that state so that you can perform the setup from scratch. Verify this thing and if the extender is not in that condition then make it by resetting its settings. Lastly, do the Linksys re6400 setup using any of the three different setup methods.

When you are done with these tips, start the setup process and also take care of the further points. However, if you are looking for more help with setup, then reach out to our experts right away.