Velop Solid Red Light: Causes And Fixes

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While using the velop network, there might be a case that you face a Velop solid red light issue unexpectedly. You might be unable to get the ideal light indication as there can be several unrecognizable causes behind this. So, go through this page’s information to check out the possible reasons and the relevant solutions.

Check Nodes Placement

Before anything else, verify that the velop and satellites are placed ideally as the wrong placement can interrupt the connection. Try changing their locations and moving them closer to each other if they are far away. In fact, choose the central location for the main node and place the parent nodes closer to the router and velop. Also, for better placement recommendations, you must use the Spot-Finder feature on the Linksys WiFi app. This feature will suggest some better placement ideas for the velop and nodes.

Remove External Interruptions

While changing the locations of the nodes, try to keep the interrupted things away from them. This includes your house’s electrical things such as smart TVs, CCTV, refrigerators, microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, gaming consoles, and others. So, keep these things away from the nodes so that there will be no interference in the signals. Here, we recommend you place the nodes at least two feet above the ground floor.

Velop solid red light

Make A Strong Connection

In the second step, ensure these nodes are connected strongly and tightly together. To get to know the connection strength, check the ethernet wires that you are using for your velop and nodes. Replace them if needed as these wires also play a crucial role in connectivity along with the best placement. Moreover, don’t skip checking the ethernet ports of nodes whether they are working or not.

Check Internet Plan

Apart from that, try checking the existing router’s internet plan activation. Or whether your router is providing enough internet signals or not. Sometimes, the actual fault is in the router instead of the nodes. So, contact your ISP to get confirmation about this and ensure your router is in working condition.

Check The Velop’s Network

If the velop solid red light issue persists after attempting those points, then check the entire network of velop. There can be some mistakes in the currently configured settings on which the velop is running. Or the network settings require some changes and the outdated settings are making the network sluggish and red light also. So, go to the velop’s web or app management window and check the wireless settings from there. Also, change the network SSID password to keep it safe from unauthorized users.

Check WAN Port Detection

This can happen when you update the velop’s firmware, the automatic WAN detection feature is disabled. As a result, the ethernet port to which the router is attached becomes a fixed WAN port. Whereas, the other ports become LAN ports. If this is the case, you will need to change the port after unplugging the wires and plugging them again.

Power Cycle Nodes

If after changing the ports, velop solid red light issue is occurring, then reboot the velop and nodes once. This is also a requirement of velop after updating its firmware. So, unhook the velop’s power cables and plug them in again after waiting for some time. Connect these devices together and check the red light status now if that is resolved or not.

Reset The Velop

linksys velop reset

If every above-mentioned point fails to solve the velop solid red light issue, then try to reconfigure the velop again. Discard the older installed settings of the velop and configure it again with accurate details.

Find out the dedicated reset button on the velop and it will be on its bottom panel. Push the button for a short while and wait till the velop starts resetting its changes.

Then, choose any configuration method to set up the velop once you get the stable light on its panel.

Reset From Web Portal

If you are unable to use the reset button, then access the web management window for the same process. Go to the velop setup portal and search for the Factory Default option. Click on it to reset the velop but, before doing that, take the configured details or credentials as these will be discarded after the reset.

Thus, you will succeed in fixing the velop solid red light issue after implementing these tips. If you are not, then get in touch with our technical experts for more help.