How to Secure Linksys WiFi Extender Network?

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Linksys WiFi Extender Network is the widely spread solution for slow and unstable internet connections. It works even in dead Wi-Fi zones. You can not afford the slow speed of the internet and delayed delivery of your tasks when the world is running on the basis of competition. Gone were the times when only completing your work by the deadline was what mattered. This era is an Internet Era for many great developments. Everybody wants to go higher and do everything possible. One can not rely on an unsteady network connection when the speed and quality are the only bar of standard here. Linksys WiFi Extender is the solution for all of these problems. But as explained earlier average and inefficiency have no place in this neck-and-neck world. So, only getting Linksys WiFi Extender Network is not enough. Configuring and securing the Linksys WiFi Extender properly and correctly.

Things To Remember To Level Up The Procedure Of Configuration

The configuration of your Linksys WiFi Extender Network is simple to perform but it can be tricky if you do not read between the lines. Every step is properly explained in the User Manual Guide and available on the website. But as mentioned above, reading between the lines is very important to get all the possible benefits of the extender.

Placement of the Device

The place you choose for your device is crucial as it determines the speed and stability of your internet connection. Choose the center of the place that has no walls near it. Remove all the electromagnetic devices. Ensure the host device and the extender are kept near each other.

Ethernet Cable

The ethernet cable plays a vital role when connecting your host device and Linksys WiFi Extender Network. So you need to make sure that the wire you are using is not torn in any way. We suggest you use a brand-new wire.

Login Using Mobile

Although Linksys provides three methods to log in, the mobile app is considered to be the best among them. Because you do not have to open your system to make any changes or to operate your device. It makes it easy to customize settings from anywhere.

  • Electricity Supply:- No matter how perfectly you followed the procedure of setting up your extender, it will not provide you with fast speed if there is a problem with the electricity supply. So make sure the power outlet you are using is working properly.
  • Internet Connection:- The configuration process requires a stable internet connection that provides enough speed. Otherwise, you will face the time-out situation several times which can be very frustrating.
  • Fully Charged Device:- The device you chose for setting up your Linksys WiFi Extender Network is going to take a lot of time so it is better if you keep it charged. Doing this can prevent you from the hassle of running to find a charger.
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Tips To Secure Your Linksys WiFi Extender Network

Securing your Linksys WiFi Extender Network is as important as configuring it. There are a lot of malicious programs and hackers who can harm your extender and cause you a lot of problems. Nobody wants interruptions and to lose their data. So it is very important to secure your extender from internal as well as external threats.

Two-Factor Authentication

This is an advanced setting to ensure that nobody except you can access your Linksys account. You need to go to the settings and then click on the Security And Privacy option. Select Two-Factor Authentication and set it up.

Change ID and Password

You can change the Linksys ID and Password you got from Linksys to secure your account. You can remember it easily and the selection of a strong password will provide you with an additional layer of security. Go to the settings and click on Customize settings. You will be able to see the option to change your password, click on it. Fill in your old or default password and set a new one. Ensure your new password consists of a few uppercase, lowercase, digits, and a symbol at least.

cache files

Cache Files

Cache files can be a big hurdle when stored in a large amount. Sometimes we click on a threatening file by mistake and close it instantly but our system saves it in the cache files. It can result in the opening of that file automatically when we try to enter a new website. So it is very important to clear your cache files from time to time.

Port Forwarding

Linksys has a built-in firewall to protect your system from malicious files and potential hackers. Enabling it will provide the automatic redirection of your data to this firewall so that it can scan it completely and secure your system and Linksys WiFi Extender Network. Go to your settings and click on security. Search for the port forwarding option and enable it. Now all of your data will go through this and only safe data will pass.

Remove all the Unrecognizable Networks

Unrecognizable networks can create a fuss for the connection as well as the security of your extender. So it is highly advised to remove all the unwanted networks. You can check the names of devices that are connected to your Linksys WiFi Extender Network. Remove all the devices that you do not recognize. The networks that are near you and showing up in your network settings can also be easily removed to prevent the crowd and confusion.