Linksys Velop Keeps Blinking Red: Reasons And Solutions

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Although every other light indication on the velop denotes a different notification, according to its working. However, the blinking red light indicates that there is a connection error between the main and another node. There could be multiple reasons behind this issue; some can be recognizable and many can be unrecognizable. But, here are some troubleshooting tips that you can try out to fix the red light issue.

Possible Reasons Behind Blinking Light

You might be unable to identify the actual source of the error but here are some most possible causes. Check out them once so that you can take an appropriate solution to fix that error.

  • Wrong placement of the Linksys velop and other nodes.
  • Weak or no connection between the velop and satellites.
  • Interruptions in the network from external appliances.
  • The existing router’s internet plan is not active.
  • Any technical error in the velop from its back end.
  • The operating system is the outdated firmware of velop.
  • There can be some faults in the configured network

These are the most probable issues that can cause the blinking red light error in the velop. So, go through them once and try recognizing the actual reason behind this.

linksys velop red light

Check Network Connectivity

Foremost of all, check the entire network or connectivity in the velop and its nodes. Verify that the ethernet wires through which all these devices are attached are in working condition. There must not be any cut in between those wires that can cause the node to blink red. If you find any wire broken, replace that immediately and attach the devices tightly. Apart from that, check your device’s connectivity too whether that is wirelessly attached to your own network or not.

Change Nodes’ Placement

The next point to take into account is to check and change the node’s location. As the wrong placement of nodes can also cause connectivity issues for sure. Try moving them closer to each other and keep checking the light color or sign in between. However, to get to know the best location suggestions, you can go to the Linksys WiFi app management page. From there, choose the spot-finder feature and use it to get some placement recommendations for the nodes.

Pick the best one and place the nodes there and the Linksys velop keeps blinking red will resolve now. More than that, keep in mind to place your electrical appliances far from the Linksys velop and nodes. Such as your house refrigerators, microwave ovens, smart TVs, CCTV, cordless phones, and many more. In doing so, your velop nodes will not have any signal interruptions which will also resolve the red blinking light issue. If there is still a red light blinking on the velop, then check the below-mentioned tips.

Check Firmware Updates Of Velop

linksys velop firmware update

Without any doubt, an outdated firmware version can cause the velop to show red light all of a sudden. As that version will make the node’s working sluggish and weak connection between the main and child nodes. So, go to velop’s web management page and check for the latest firmware version availability there. Select the file accordingly and download it on your PC and store it safely as well. Access the same page again and choose the Firmware Update option to upgrade the version. Wait some time as the firmware updating process will take some time. Reboot the node finally, if there is any requirement, and check the LED status.

Reset The Velop Node

If the error still persists, even after applying these troubleshooting tips, then try to reset the velop. This method will surely help you to get the Linksys velop keeps blinking red error fixed within minutes. There are two different ways available for the reset process, check them differently and choose your preferred one.

Reset From Web Portal

For this method, go to the web management window and search for the Factory Default option. However, this process will discard the currently configured settings of the network and you will need to reconfigure it. So, before doing that, take and note down the important details of the network that you made earlier. Then, click on that option and wait till the velop is reset.

By Pressing The Reset Button

In an alternative way, find the dedicated reset button on the velop. Generally, this button will be located at the velop’s bottom panel, so press it until the velop starts resetting. Also, wait for a stable and solid light on the velop as this will mean the reset process is complete. Lastly, configure the velop again by using any method from those mentioned approaches and check the light error.

Now, confirm that the red blinking light error is resolved now once you implement those tips. If it is not, then contact our technical experts team to get more help and relevant solutions.