App Not Showing Nodes? Check Reasons And Solutions!

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Although using the velop mesh setup requires setting it up and attaching child nodes to the parent node perfectly. This requires a number of factors and there must not be any errors in the setup. But, as a new user, you might face some issues like the app not showing nodes or any other and you can struggle with it by not having resolving tips. But, here are some troubleshooting tips that you can try out to get errors clear.

Nodes Are Not Attached Perfectly

Before anything else, ensure your Linksys velop nodes are attached strongly to each other. Your parent node must be in a perfect connection with the existing router and the other nodes to the velop too. To check this, examine the ethernet wires that you used to connect them and also analyze the ethernet ports of the devices. If there is a weak connection, then try connecting them again after disconnecting once. Besides that, you can change those wires if you find any broken or cut in between. Open the app finally and see the nodes in the list.

linksys velop node

Devices Are Placed Far Away

In this step, check whether all the devices including your router and nodes are placed ideally at a minimum distance. Here, you must prefer to locate them closer to each other while configuring the nodes on the app. Later, you can relocate them to your desired place or where you want better internet speed. It is advisable to place the parent node centrally in your house and other nodes on the corner sides after a successful configuration.

Check Velop Settings

After attempting those two tips, check Velop’s settings if the error still persists. Ensure the nodes are in the factory default settings so that you can configure and attach them without an error. If these are not, then reset them once by using the reset buttons and try connecting them later. As the app not showing nodes issue will resolve in this way once you make the nodes in factory default settings.

Check For Velop Firmware

linksys firmware update

Without any doubt, the outdated operating system of the velop can create connectivity and working issues as well. So, try to keep the firmware updated every time. Verify your velop is running on a new firmware version, if that is not, then check for the latest file. Visit the web management page and select the Administration option there and click Firmware Updates finally. Select the file and download it on your PC for further processing. Choose the Firmware Update option again and click on it to begin the process. Wait for the process completion and reboot the velop if needed and check the node’s availability in the app list.

See The App’s Working

There could be a case that you are struggling with the nodes and the Linksys app have an actual issue. So, check the app’s working also whether that is compatible or not. See the latest updates of the app on your smartphone app store and update it if there is a new available. Thereafter, launch the app using its screen directions and verify the app not showing nodes issue is resolved now.

Reinstall The App

If the app error is not fixed in that way, try reinstalling that after discarding it from your smartphone. As that app can be interrupted or have encrypted files that’s why you are facing the app not showing nodes issue. Uninstall the app by clicking on the button and later visit the app store. Choose the official app from there and launch it on your smartphone.

Reconfigure The Velop

If the app still not showing the velop nodes, there could be mistakes in the velop’s configured settings. You might use the wrong login or other details of the velop which is why the nodes are not appearing in the list. So, try to discard the customized settings of the velop and make them again.

Press the reset button from the velop’s bottom panel and let it reset the settings. Later, set up the velop again in the right way and use the default and error-free credentials of the velop. Also, choose the best location for the nodes and use the latest ethernet wires this time.

Now, confirm the app not showing nodes error is fixed once you reconfigure the velop. If it is still occurring, then get more help and guidance from our technical experts to get the error resolved.