Quick Fix: How to Resolve Linksys Velop Node Blinking Red Light Issue

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Linksys offers various best-performing wireless WiFi network services in the US region. It is renowned as one of the celebrated brands regarding internet systems. But at the end of the day, it is just a machine and machines tend to show errors occasionally. There are various lights Linksys can show and you must know the meaning of them in order to resolve the issue.

linksys velop node blinking red light

Meaning Of Red Light On Linksys Velop Node

If your Linksys Velop Node is blinking red then it means either there is a problem with the connectivity or the set-up has not been done properly. These issues require your undivided attention as this red light may result in slow internet or no internet at all. A slow internet can be frustrating because of the disturbance in your workflow. So it is very important to eliminate this issue as soon as possible.

Potential Fixes In Detail

Many factors can be the reason for this problem. So, we are explaining every single solution for your convenience.

  • Physical Connection – A weak connection via the electricity power outlet can cause this issue. You can check all the power outlets, their connectivity and wires if they are working properly or not.
  • Internet Connectivity – Interrupted supply of internet from the back end can also be the reason. Therefore, you should make sure that the internet supply is optimum and stable. You can talk to your Internet Service Provider to confirm.
  • Ethernet cable – Ethernet cable forms the connection between your host device and the Velop. So, it is very important that your ethernet works efficiently and effectively. For the best possible supply of internet, you must ensure that the ethernet cable is not damaged in any way.
  • Placement – This determines the quality and flow of the internet. It is an underrated factor but should not be ignored. Therefore, try placing it in the centre of the room so that it can cover all of the corners of the house equally and properly. Another factor to keep in mind is the distance between your host device and velop. They should be placed near each other for a better connection.
  • Electromagnetic devices – These devices emit electromagnetic waves that interrupt the internet supply causing connection breakage. You can search the list of such devices’ names online. In this way, you can identify all these devices and remove them for a stable and strong internet connection.
  • Reboot Velop Node – Rebooting your velop node can be the quick fix for this issue. Unplug your velop for 10 seconds and replug it after that. This may eliminate many issues that you may be facing directly or indirectly.

Technical Support Team

You can contact our helpdesk in case the issue persists. We can resolve your issue within a few moments. All the members of the support team are highly trained to pay attention to every angle detail and understand the issue better. They eliminate every problem with a straightforward and friendly approach. So just reach out to us without any hesitation via call or chat whatever suits your mind.