Linksys RE6700 Setup

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The Linksys RE6700 setup process is as simple as that. Surprisingly, there is no need to use any configuration software or setup CD. You can do the Linksys RE6700 setup by using the WPS and Web-Based Setup processes. However, users must know some essential points to configure the extender.

Let’s go through those foremost points.

RE6700 WiFi Extender Overview

The Linksys RE6700 WiFi extender does not contain any complex button features. There are mainly two buttons on the extender which are the WPS and the Reset button on the right side. Then, there are two antennas on both sides. At the bottom, there is an Audio and Ethernet port. Lastly, the front panel has a LED indicator that shows different notifications.

Color Purpose
Blinking Green The extender is booting up.
Blinking Amber Disconnected to the router.
Solid Green Ready to use.
Solid Amber Weak connection with the router.

Setup Methods For RE6700 Extender

Generally, there are two Linksys RE6700 Setup ways, the Web-Based and WPS processes. But, keep in mind that you will require a WiFi router, a power plug, and any device during the setup. Let’s dig a little deeper into the setup process

Using a Web-Based Method For Linksys RE6700 Setup

  • To begin with, plug the extender into the electric socket near the router.
  • Wait till the LED on the extender shows a solid green light.
  • Then, connect your device to the extender’s default SSID which is Linksys Extender Setup xxx.
  • Thereafter, open any web browser on your device to begin the Linksys RE6700 Setup.
  • Search the extender default web or IP address.
  • The Linksys RE6700 setup Page will appear on the screen.
  • Click Start Setup by accepting the License agreement.
  • Choose “As a wireless range extender” and click Next.
  • Lastly, select your WiFi network and enter the password.

Thus, the launching process is complete and the extender is ready to use.

Note: During the Web-Based Linksys RE6700 Setup, you can allow the extender Auto-Update. The extender will update and install automatically by this option. Otherwise, you can update the extender manually.

By WPS Method

Besides the above method, you can also utilize the WiFi Protected Setup process. But, make sure that your router has a WPS button. Follow the directions for further procedure

Besides the above Linksys RE6700 Setup method, you can also utilize the WiFi Protected Setup process. But, make sure that your router has a WPS button. Follow the directions for further procedure

  • After plugging the extender into the power socket, wait until it is ready to set up.
  • Afterward, press the WPS button on the extender.
  • Following this, push the router’s WPS button immediately.
  • In the end, wait for the connection, and the extender LED will turn solid green.
  • Which means the Linksys RE6700 setup is complete.
linksys re6700 setup

App Setup Method For RE6700 Extender

Apart from those setup approaches, there is another method which is the Linksys WiFi app setup. But, this method will prompt you to install the Linksys WiFi app on your smartphone either on Android or iOS. So, get the app and follow the directions from here.

  • Launch the app after installing it on your smartphone from the app store.
  • Make sure you install the official and the latest version of the app.
  • Then, log into your extender using the default details and click login.
  • Choose the network now and extend it by inserting its password.
  • Go after the setup instructions shown on the device’s screen.
  • Finally, don’t forget to save the settings that you made.

Connect by Using Extender’s PIN

To connect your other device with the extender by WPS process, take the extender’s PIN from the product label. Follow these points to make the connection

  • Initially, open the Linksys RE6700 setup page on the web browser.
  • Do log in here and choose the Wireless option.
  • Insert the extender’s 8-digit PIN in the field.
  • Last, click OK and the connection is complete.

Connect by Using The Device’s PIN

To connect with another device, make it clear that the device has a WPS function.

  • Do log in on the web-based setup page.
  • Thereafter, go to the Wireless option.
  • Enter the device’s PIN in the box.
  • Now, tap the Register option on the screen.

Note: Ensure that the extender must get at least 50% signal of the router during the configuration. After that, you can move the extender to the desired location by keeping it within the range.

Linksys RE6700 WiFi Extender Settings Interface

You can change any advanced settings of the extender, once the Linksys RE6700 Setup is complete. In order to change and save the settings, you must click on Save Settings to apply the changes. Open a web browser on the device and visit the Linksys RE6700 setup page. Use the default web or IP address to visit the page. On that page, you can make the changes.

Note: If you will not click the Save option, then changes will not save and apply. On that page, you will also see the Cancel option to discard the changes.

Special Features of RE6700 WiFi Extender

Although the Linksys extender has all up-to-date features similar to the other extenders. But, music streaming and a built-in power outlet make this extender different from the others. The Linksys RE6700 WiFi extender contains these two amazing features. Read the information to know more

Inbuilt Power Outlet

On the front panel of the extender, there is an additional power outlet. It works like a normal electric socket and is not controlled by the extender. Clearly, you don’t need to look for any vacant power sockets.

Music Streaming Feature

With the help of this function, you can stream the music on the connected speakers through the extender. After connecting your device to the WiFi network, open the media player and select the Linksys Range Extender from the Select Device list.

Facing Issues While Using RE6700 WiFi Extender

In any case, the Linksys extender stops working due to any reason. Then, apply these Linksys RE6700 Setup troubleshooting tips to solve the issues

  • To examine the extender’s error, check the light indication first.
  • Also, verify the router’s working and the internet connection.
  • Unplug the extender and after some time plugin again.
  • Move the extender near the router.
  • Try different locations to avoid signal interruptions.
  • Use the Spot Finder technique to determine the signal strength between the extender and router.
  • If there is any need, opt for the reset function.
  • Update the firmware manually for the extender’s better performance.

Note: The Spot Finder helps to analyze the signal of the extender. Basically, it shows the gap between the router and the extender. If the distance is too far or too close, then relocate the extender in the middle.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are mainly two ways that you can follow to install the Linksys RE6700 extender. The first one is the WPS setup and the second one is the Web-Based Setup. In the former method, use the WPS buttons of the extender and the router. Whereas, in the latter method, use the default web or IP address to do the configuration.
The Site survey gives you the details of all access points and wireless routers within the extender’s range. To use this, log in to the settings interface on the web-based setup page. Select the wireless option. Then tap Site Survey on the screen.
To troubleshoot the errors, you can reset the Linksys RE1000 extender in two different ways. In the first case, push the reset switch on the extender for 10 seconds and wait for its factory default settings. In the second case, go to the Administration on the web-based setup page. Click Restore Factory Default to reset the extender.