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The Linksys velop WiFi app is a platform that offers a lot of features to you. Similar to the web portal, you can use the app on your smartphone to set up your device and manage the network too. But, sometimes, the velop app gets some technical bugs and starts showing a velop app not working error. At that time, fixing those errors became necessary to use the app perfectly. So, check out these points that you can try for your velop app issues.

Force Stop The App Once

In the first case, try to force stop the Linksys velop app and activate it later. This method will help a lot to remove temporary errors from the app. Which can cause the app to stop working or misbehave suddenly. So, go to your smartphone setting and choose the Control Panel option and click on the Force Stop tab of the velop app. Later, activate the app again and check if the app is working now.

Check For App Updates

Obviously, if your Linksys app is running on an outdated version, there will be a velop app not working error for sure. So, check the app updates on your device’s default app store, Google Play Store on an Android mobile, and the Apple app store on your iOS device. Search for the Linksys WiFi app and get the latest version if there is any available. Make sure to get the official version of the app and finally verify if the velop app not working error is resolved or not.

Reinstall The App

If the app is still showing the not working error, then try reinstalling the app after removing it from your smartphone. Select the app on your device and click on the uninstall button. Once the app is removed, go to the app store again and choose the official app from there. Allow your device to install it and also allow the app’s terms and conditions to move further. Log in to the velop now and confirm the app working lastly.

Restart The Velop

linksys velop reset

If everything fails and the app’s working is not fixed, there could be some faults in the velop instead of the app. So, check your velop’s performance rather than struggling with the app. If you find any unidentified error in its working, then restart the velop once. This simple method can help you a lot to remove that issue but keep unplugging the velop for some time.

Sometimes, the continuous usage of velop makes the network sluggish and stops working as well. Plug in the velop and its nodes into the power outlets and connect your device to the network. Finally, open the app on that device and try using it for further process as the app not working issue will be fixed now.

Update The Velop Firmware

At this point, check the velop’s firmware version if that is updated or not. If it is not, then update it to remove the app not working issue. Make sure your Velop system is turned on and connected to the internet before checking for firmware updates. Using a computer linked to the Velop network, use the Linksys app or enter the Velop web-based setup page. To see if there are any updates available, go to the “Administration” or “Firmware Update” area.

If there is any available, download and install the most recent firmware by following the on-screen instructions. The Velop nodes can reboot throughout this process in order to apply the adjustments. Don’t disconnect the Velop nodes from the power source or unplug them while the firmware is being updated. Moreover, interruptions can cause the nodes to brick or have their firmware corrupted.

Reset The Velop

If you still face an app not working issue, then try resetting the velop and configuring it again. In doing so, the velop app will start working appropriately. So, on the Velop node, find the reset button. On the bottom or back of the node, it typically looks like a little button. Press and hold that button for approximately 10 seconds. Wait to see the flickering light on its panel.

When the LED indicator starts blinking, let go of the button. The node will reboot after going through the reset process. Resetting the Velop system to factory defaults will remove any user-defined settings and configurations, including network names, passwords, and any customized parameters. At this point, you will need to do the velop setup by using its default details as the older ones are discarded.

Thus, you will be successful in getting the velop app not working error fixed with the help of these troubleshooting tips. If you are not, then get more relevant solutions from our experts for this issue.