Linksys Velop Not Getting Full Speed How To Fix It?

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Though the Linksys velop mesh setup is capable enough to boost the existing internet signals of a modem. However, there can be some causes that can impede the velop to get full internet speed and fails to provide better WiFi coverage. In those cases, taking the troubleshooting tips and implementing them to fix the internet issue become necessary. So, in this blog post, we are exploring some fixes that you can try out with your velop issue.

Linksys Velop

Some Possible Causes Behind Slow Speed

Obviously, there can be multiple causes behind the slow speed from velop that can be recognizable or unrecognizable. But, still, it is necessary to check and know the actual source of the error to implement a relevant solution. So, here are the most possible and common causes:

  • Too much distance between the velop and modem
  • Signals interruption from external devices
  • Expired or outdated internet plan on the modem
  • Weak or no connection between the velop and modem
  • Ethernet wires are broken or not capable to transfer signals
  • Some faults in the configured settings of the velop and modem
  • Outdated software/firmware version of the velop

Check Modem Working

Foremost of all, verify the existing modem’s working as this is the device from which your velop gets signals. Check if this device is providing enough strength of signals to the velop. Apart from that, you must contact your ISP to know more about your modem’s performance and current internet plan. If there is any issue then you can upgrade to another internet plan or change the older modem with an advanced one. Finally, check if your velop is getting full speed from the modem or not.

Reduce Distance Between Velop And Modem

Another reason for the slow internet speed can be too much distance between these devices. So, verify the distance between them and if that is too much then try to minimize it. Move your Linksys velop setup closer to the modem and it must not be too close to the modem. While moving the velop, pick the best location for it and place it there. If still, you are facing the slow performance of the velop then try another method.

Remove WiFi Signal Interruptions

In any case, if your velop and modem are placed near those things which can interrupt and absorb the signals, this can be a major factor. Such as wireless baby monitors, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, gaming consoles, microwave ovens, and many more. These appliances have the capability to interact and overlap the signals.

So, we recommend you choose a location where there are no of these types of things available. Also, locate your velop two feet above the ground floor for better WiFi coverage and the highest internet speed. Also, there must not be any thick concrete wall near the velop and your modem which can impede the signals.

Reboot The Velop And Modem

Sometimes only a reboot process works a lot to eliminate the performance issues of the velop. So, try power cycling the velop and the modem as well by unplugging them from the power sockets and leaving them disconnected for a few minutes. Afterward, plug them in again to the power outlets and check the internet speed after making a connection between those devices.

Check The Physical Connection Between Devices

At this point, ensure to have a strong and uninterrupted connection between the velop and the modem. So, there is better signal transfer to the velop and as a consequence better internet speed. So, check the ethernet wires by which these devices are attached and make sure they are working well. More than that, also verify the ethernet ports working and whether they are in working condition or not. If there is any error in the wires then change them with new ones immediately.

Check The Velop Nodes

While checking the connection strength and placement of the velop, it is quite necessary to verify the nodes. Be sure that the nodes are in touch with the velop and connected strongly. But if it’s not then there will be a Linksys velop node blinking red sign. Their placements are also a consideration although these are supposed to be placed in the corner of your place. So, keep moving the nodes closer to the velop and place them there for some time or till you get the fast internet speed. Once the speed becomes stable, relocate the nodes where you desire.

Change The Wireless Channel Of Velop

The Linksys velop works on dual frequency bands such as 2.4 GHz and 1,4, and 7 for Root. Additionally, the 5 GHz for channel 36 for all nodes. But, there can be 2.4 GHz cordless telephones which can interact with velop’s channels and make it work slowly. So, to fix this, try changing the channels of velop from its web interference and let the velop work on it. As a result, the Velop will start getting the highest internet speed.

Change The Velop Network Password

Apart from changing the velop’s channels, it is also necessary to change its network SSID name and password. There could be external users’ access on the velop network which can force the velop to perform slowly. So, while changing the channels, also go to the security encryption option and set a new network name and password. Keep in mind to add some special characters in the password so that it is strong enough to guess for unauthorized users.

Update The Velop’s Firmware

If your velop is running on an outdated version of firmware then there will definitely be slow internet speed. So, try to update it as soon as possible from the web interference by getting the official version for your velop. Go to the web management window on your PC and click on the Administration option to check the latest version of the firmware. Download the file after choosing your velop model and carry out the process later from the same page. In the end, reboot the velop and connect it again to the modem and now check the internet speed.

Reset The Velop For Reconfiguration

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work then choose the final method to get off the internet speed error. Choose any reset approach from two processes and reset the velop.

Software Reset

In this process, go to the velop’s web management portal and click Linksys cloud account under Velop settings. Then, click Troubleshooting and then choose Reset from the Factory Reset option. Wait for a few minutes and let the portal complete the process. Then, start the Linksys velop setup process by choosing any method.

Hardware Reset

Unlike the software reset, this process has different steps for the reset approach. In this method, you need to press the reset button located at the velop’s back panel. Push and hold that button for a short while and wait to get stable light on the velop. Which denotes that the process is complete and the velop is ready for configuration.

Thus, you will start getting the fastest and maximized internet speed from the Linksys velop after using these tips. However, if you seek more help with your product then contact our technical experts without hesitation. They will enable you to fix the error with less effort and within minutes.