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You must have heard about the firmware. It is a very common term in the IT field. But what is Firmware and why do we need to update it? Let’s dive into the concept and understand every little detail about it.

What Is Firmware?

Firmware is a type of software that is present in all advanced hardware devices to control their operational activities. It works as a low-level program that offers essential instructions for the hardware for its functioning. Users can easily modify and update traditional software but the firmware is stored in read-only-memory (ROM) or flash memory. It helps the settings to be more permanent and also prevents accidental changes.

Role Of Firmware

Firmware is a very important part of today’s hardware devices and their functions. So, let’s understand its role and functions to understand it better.

  • Boot Process – It helps the device to boot up when you turn the power on. In addition to that, it regulates the initial startup sequence, system checks, and loads the operating system into memory.
  • Hardware Control – Firmware provides instructions to control all the components of the hardware of any device. It regulates various parts such as initializing hardware during initial setup, device temperatures, power consumptions, input/output operations, etc.
  • Software Interface – Firmware offers interfaces to deal with the device such as user interface, application programming interfaces, and drivers. It helps users and the software to communicate with the device.
  • Device Functionality – It controls the behavior and functions of the device. It determines how the device responds to data processing, user inputs, and interaction with other devices and networks.
  • Updates And Maintenance – It helps update the device and its functions to improve its performance and efficiency.
  • Security – Firmware consists of an authentication mechanism, encryption algorithms, and access controls. It plays a crucial role in the security of the device as it protects it from unauthorized access, bugs, viruses, malware, etc.
linksys firmware update
  • Enhanced Compatibility – Firmware updates introduce compatibility improvement with other devices and software. It helps ensure that your device supports all kinds of advanced technology.
  • Performance Enhancements – Manufacturers release firmware updates to optimize the performance of the device providing better speed, efficient coverage, etc.

How To Update Firmware

  • Updates – Check if there are any updates available. Visit the manufacturer’s website or the built-in update mechanism to see if there are any firmware updates available. The further information to upgrade the firmware is usually given on the website.
  • Backup – Backing up the crucial data and settings of your device before proceeding further with the update is always a good idea. Although the firmware update process does not erase any type of data, passwords, and settings it is better to keep the safe side and avoid risk.
  • Download The Firmware – Check for the firmware’s latest version and download it. You can download it either from the manufacturer’s website or the device’s built-in update mechanism. Make sure to download the right file that is the latest version and is not corrupted.
  • Prepare The Device – Follow all the pre-update instructions before beginning the process. Disconnect all the devices, make sure the device is fully charged, and check the internet supply.
  • Install The Updates – Firmware updates can be installed automatically and manually as well, totally depending on the device and your comfort. Follow the instructions and proceed further. The steps will be downloading the file and uploading it.
  • Restart The Device – Wait for a few seconds and let the firmware update complete. Restart your device to apply all the changes effectively.
  • Verify – After completing the firmware update process, check if your device is working properly and the firmware update is successful.

Firmware Update Via Phone

If you have set up your extender via phone then the steps to update Linksys WiFi extender firmware are a little different.

  • Open the Linksys app on your phone.
  • Go to the administration settings and click on the firmware option.
  • Check if there are any updates available.
  • Click on the update option and wait for a few minutes.
  • Reboot your device once the firmware update is completed.
  • You can set the update settings to automatic to eliminate the hassle of checking for updates from time to time.
  • In this way, firmware updates will be done on their own whenever the latest version will be available.

What If The Firmware Update Is Not Done

There are a lot of features and functions that depend on the version of firmware. One needs to know about the issues that a lack of updates can cause. It can help users to know the fix of many problems.

linksys firmware update failed
  • Slow And Inefficient Internet.
  • Interrupted data connection.
  • Slow device.
  • Decreased Lifespan of the extender.
  • Less compatibility.
  • Loss of advanced features.
  • Security vulnerabilities.
  • Malware and cyber attacks.
  • Against legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Various light blinking issues.