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Welcome to our guide on configuring Linksys wifi mesh extender! Linksys wifi mesh extenders are designed to boost the existing wifi signals and extend its range. With this, you get better coverage throughout your space. You just need to configure wifi mesh extenders correctly and enjoy seamless connectivity.

Steps to Configure Linksys Wifi Mesh Extender Using Web Browser

Unboxing and Hardware Setup

  • When you unbox the Linksys extender, you must carefully check that all the necessary things are included, like a power adapter, Ethernet cable, and user manual.
  • Now connect the wifi mesh extender to the power outlet using the adapter and wait for the LED indicator to provide signals that the extender is ready to use.

Connect to the Extender’s Network

  • Search for the available wifi networks on your Mobile device or computer. Now look for your Linksys wifi mesh extender’s network name, which usually begins with Linksys_Ext.
  • You have to connect with this network using the default password given in the user manual.

Access the Configuration Interface

  • When connected to the extender’s network, open the desired browser on your device. Either using the IP address which can be found in the user manual or using the Linksys official website you can access the login page.
  • You will now be prompted to enter your password and username. At this point of time, you can enter the default credentials which are also available in the user manual.
  • Next, click on the “Login” or “Submit” button whatever is available to proceed further.
linksys wifi mesh extender

Configure the Extender Settings

  • Once logged in, you will be directed to the extender’s configuration page. To set up your wifi network, you have to follow the instructions given on the screen. Choose the existing wifi network from the list and enter the default password.
  • You can also change the network name and password of the extender’s network for security concerns. Don’t forget to save changes before proceeding.

Finalize Setup

  • After configuring the settings, disconnect from the extender’s network and connect to your existing wifi network.
  • Now test the connection to move around in your house or office to ensure that wifi signals are extended and stable.

Steps to Setup Linksys Wifi Mesh Extender Using Velop Application

Let’s begin with the Linksys Velop setup. To start the Velop setup, you have to ensure that you have installed the most recent version of the Velop app on your smartphone. Mesh networks operate in a modular way that consists of nodes that facilitate internet connectivity. A basic Linksys Velop Mesh Wifi extender setup typically has two nodes. You can also add nodes to expand coverage.

Steps to Configure the Velop App

  • Open the Velop application on your phone and a window will appear, here you need to click on the “ Launch Setup” button.
  • Now you will get a prompt where you will be asked about your location. Click Allow.
  • To accept the terms and conditions, click on the Agree button and continue the setup process.
  • On the next screen, you will be asked to specify the extender you are going to set up. Here you will choose Velop.
  • Now choose the router setup you are using.

Follow the Steps to Connect to the Home Network

linksys wifi mesh extender
  • Open the setup window which will display a list of available networks. Now choose your home network from the list and click “Connect”.
  • Input the home network’s password in the designated fields and then click “join”
  • The primary node will now establish the connection with the home network.
  • If you are setting up an extender network, specify a name and password for the new network. Enter the desired SSID and password and click “Save”.
  • You can keep the credentials same as your main router for your convenience. It prevents you from the hassle of remembering various IDs and Pins
  • You can also add nodes to the network by following the instructions given in the app interface.

Additional Tips

  • It is always recommended to keep the extender’s firmware up to date. For this, you have to regularly visit the Linksys official website to check for updates.
  • You can also experiment with the extender placement. Always place the extender near the router or halfway between the router and the areas with weak signals.
  • If you face any issues during setup, you can approach our tech support team via call at +1716-992-6371 or mail

With these two methods, you can successfully configure Linksys wifi mesh extender. If it would be difficult for you to perform the set up task yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. So, enhance your wifi experience and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout your home or office. Buy Linksys wifi mesh extender today and take the next step towards better wifi performance.