Device Not Connecting To Velop? Get That Connected!

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A stable connection between the velop and your device is necessary for seamless internet access. Though you can connect your device easily to the network once the velop setup is complete. But, when you fail or get the device not connecting to velop issue, you will be frustrated for sure. However, we are going to tell you the troubleshooting tips here that you can try out to fix the connectivity issue.

Check Network Working

Before moving to the advanced troubleshooting tips, verify whether your network’s working whether that is appropriate or not. Also, check the internet plan which must be active for a better connection. Examine the power socket to which the velop is attached and keep it on and check the power LED on the panel.

Examine the ethernet cables that you are using to attach your velop to the router. More than that, check the wireless advanced settings of the velop through the web management page. Change the network password as well to keep it safe and secure from external users.

linksys velop

Restart The Velop

If the velop is not allowing the device to make a connection, power cycle it once. Unhook the velop from the power socket and turn it off. Wait for some time and leave it unplugged for a few minutes. After that, attach it to the power outlet using a power cable and connect other nodes to the velop. Finally, connect your device to it choosing the wireless network or an ethernet wire.

Make A Wired Connection

Without any doubt, the wired connection is more stable and reliable than the wireless one. This will allow your device to keep connected with the velop with maximized stability and strong signals. So, try to connect your device to the velop using a well-working ethernet wire and check the connectivity later. It is advisable to use the original and included ethernet cable.

Check Signal Interference

In this step, make sure your velop and device are not getting signal interruptions from some external appliances. Such as refrigerators, smart TVs, microwave ovens, cordless phones, and many more. These devices absorb the WiFi signals and interrupt them as well. So, keep these things away from your router, velop, and WiFi device.

Update The Device Software

If the connectivity issue is still occurring, then check the operating system of your device. If that is not updated then that can also cause the connectivity error. So, get the latest software for the device from the app store and reboot it if there is any requirement. Finally, try connecting it to the velop network from the wireless network list.

Update The Velop Firmware

Apart from updating the device’s software, try updating the velop’s firmware as well. The outdated firmware can be a reason behind the connectivity issue and can cause you to face the device not connecting to velop. So, check the firmware updates on the velop’s web management window and get the latest one from there. Execute the updating process from the same page and connect your device to the velop.

Check Your Device Compatibility

After analyzing the velop, check your device’s settings too and that must be compatible to attach with the velop. Make sure your device’s WiFi is on and connectable to attach to the network. Also, restart the device if required and ON it after waiting for some time. In the end, open the wireless network list on the device and connect it to the velop’s network using the default password.

Reset The Velop

linksys velop reset

In the final solution, reset the velop if everything fails from the above-mentioned tips. This process will discard the existing configured settings and technical errors as well. Thereafter, you will need to do the velop setup again from scratch to make a successful connection with the device. Use and press the reset button from the velop’s bottom panel and hold it until you get the flickering light on the velop.

Wait for the stable and solid light on the velop as this process will take some time to reset the settings. Afterward, configure your velop but keep in mind to use the default login and other credentials in the right sequence. During the setup process connect your device to the velop as the issue will resolve now.

Now, confirm that the device not connecting to velop error is fixed now once you are done with these troubleshooting tips. But, if it is not, then take more help and solutions from our technical experts.