Linksys Velop Devices Not Connecting To Closest Node

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Although the velop devices can be easily connected to their nodes using the ethernet wires, after the setup. However, some technical errors can cause you to face velop devices not connecting to closest node condition. There could be a number of possible causes behind this error which can confuse you to solve this issue. But, the points given here can surely help you to recognize and resolve the error, so check them out precisely.

Reduce The Gap Between Them

The first reason for the velop devices not connecting to closest node can be too much gap between them. As these devices require to be connected with the ethernet wires and there should be an ideal distance. This is why you must change their locations and move them closer to each other to get strong connectivity. Also, make sure to place them away from your electrical appliances which can interrupt and absorb the signals. Such as gaming consoles, smart TVs, cordless phones, baby monitors, and many more.

Use Strong Ethernet Wires

Along with the ideal placement, ethernet wires also play a major role in a strong connection between the velop and node. As these wires work to transfer WiFi signals with maximized stability and strength.

So, verify the wires’ condition that you are using right now and replace them if required. It is advisable to use the original and included wires to avoid velop devices not connecting to closest node issue further.

linksys velop

Use Spot-Finder Feature For Ideal Location

At this point, check whether your velop and nodes are placed optimally or not. In fact, to get some better suggestions for these placements, you can use the WiFi app and the Spot-Finder feature there. As you use this, the WiFi app will provide you with the best ideas to place those devices. So, pick the location where the nodes start to get strong signals from the velop.

Reboot The Velop And Nodes

Sometimes, the broken power sockets and the node’s continuous usage can cause the connectivity issue. In that case, rebooting these devices becomes necessary and gives some rest to them as well. So, unhook the velop and nodes from the sockets and leave them unhooked for a while. Meanwhile, check if the power socket is working and whether that is providing a power supply or not. Later, plug them in again and choose other outlets if required, and check the velop devices not connecting to closest node issue.

Check For Velop Firmware

linksys velop firmware update

Most times, the outdated firmware of the velop creates technical glitches in the network and connectivity issues as well. But, the updated firmware version will surely help you to fix this issue. Additionally, the velop performance will improve in a significant way. So, go to the Administration option on the velop’s web portal under the wireless settings.

Check if there is any update available for your velop or not. If there is, then get that on your network-connected PC and save it safely as well. Later, go to the same page again and update the firmware using the screen directions. After doing this, reboot the velop if there is a requirement and the velop devices not connecting to closest node issue will resolve.

Monitor The Velop Advanced Settings

The outdated wireless settings of the velop can also cause you to get no connection issue. Which requires to be updated timely so that there will be no bugs in the velop. Check these settings from the web management portal or on the Linksys WiFi app.

Click on the wireless settings and examine the selected channels whether these are less congested or not. Also, check the list of connected devices to get to know the unauthorized user’s confirmation. If there are any, then log them out by changing the network password and setting a new password that must be strong enough to guess. Try connecting those devices now after changing the settings.

Check Installed Settings

Last but important, you must prefer to verify the currently configured settings if these are optimal or not. If none of the above-mentioned tips work then, there can be the misconfigured settings as the actual reason. So, try discarding them and configuring the velop again with accurate details.

Press and hold the dedicated reset button from the velop’s bottom panel and unhold it as you see the blinking light. Thereafter, configure the velop again once you see the solid light on the panel, but, use the default and accurate details this time.

Now, confirm that the velop devices not connecting to closest node issue will resolve. If it is not, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our technical experts. They will assist you to get the velop and node connectivity issue fixed in an easy way.