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Are you interested to extend the range of the Linksys router? Then you will be arrived at the right page. On this page you will know the few tips. By trying those tips directions you can extend the router range. If you want to grab help directly from our technician then try to contact Linksys customer service.

Linksys Router Range

Download Software

To install the latest Linksys router software go to the web management page. To do this process, take computer and connect with the Linksys router default WiFi network. Now, type IP address in chrome URL bar. Fill in all the display page information such as the default username and password. Now, find and tap on the network administration option. Last, install the software file if there is any latest one.

Note:- If you unable to access web page then contact to our Linksys customer service team.

Place Router At Optimal Location

By placing the router at house central or optimal location you can also easily extend the router range. Must must be sure, near the router don’t be placed any metal or electronic appliances. Metal and electronic appliances absorbs WiFi signals which comes from router.

Attach Extender With Router

Extender device help to extend router range. The installation process of the extender is uncomplicated. By installing the extender at workplace or home you can remove all the slow speed dead spots area.

Configure Extender To Extend Range

There are the two methods to configure the extender at home or office. Follow the below information to configure:-

Configure By Pressing Extender WPS Button:-

Note:- When you are doing the WPS method to configure extender then make sure your router also supports WPS button.

Place the Linksys extender power plug in an electrical socket. After that, look for the WPS button on router and extender. Now, punch both router and extender units WPS button. By doing this the WPS LED starts blinking solid. As it means extender is successfully connected with the main router. Now, take out the extender power plug from an outlet and place extender in the dead spot are to extender range.

Install Extender By Cable Or Access Point

First, connect the Linksys router ethernet port with an extender ethernet port. After that, attach one more ethernet cable to connect the extender and computer with each other. After connecting computer with extender, open chrome and type extender default IP or web address in URL bar. Fill in all the login information and tap on start setup option. From there pick the access point mode option. Later, make an new WiFi network name and security password or save it. In the end, connect the computer with the extender network to enjoy internet.

Now, after studying the apart information if you fail to extend the router range then don’t worry just try to ping or contact our Linksys customer service support. They will definitely help you and fix your issue.