Linksys App Stuck On Getting Router Settings

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Though the Linksys app can access the router settings automatically if there is a strong internet connection to it. All you have to do is open and log into the app once. But, if there is a case that you face an app stuck on getting router settings error, you will remain deprived of accessing that. Surprisingly there can be several possible reasons behind this and you might be unable to find and solve them. So, check out this page’s information to get the router settings on the app easily.

Check Internet Connection

As it is obvious that your networked device must have strong internet signals from the modem to use the app. There must be an active internet connection in your modem so that the network provides signals to the connected devices. So, check whether the modem’s internet plan is active or not and contact your ISP to get to know this.

Additionally, there must not be weak signals from the modem which can cause the intermittent connection issue. You can opt to choose another internet plan if the existing one is not able to fulfill your internet requirement. Confirm this point and try getting the router settings on the Linksys WiFi app.

linksys app

Verify Device Connectivity

Along with that, examine whether the app-containing device is actually connected to the official network or not. Open the device’s wireless setting if it is attached to a wireless network and check your network SSID name. You must disconnect your device from the network if required and attach it later. However, if you have recently changed the network settings, then you will require to use the updated credentials to make a connection.

On the other hand, if your device is in a wired connection to the router, then check the ethernet wire working. There must not be any harm or cut to the wire so that the connection is error-free and stable as well. Also, replace the wire if you find a sign of tear or wear on that cable. Then, restart the device once and try visiting the router’s settings window on the Linksys app.

Check Device Compatibility

Asides from those points, make sure the device you are using is compatible with the network. In addition, try clearing your device’s cookies, caches, and malware files if there are any. Also, check your device’s Anti-Virus program and disable its firewalls for some time and go to the router settings now. If you still get the app stuck on getting router settings error, then we recommend you change your device and get the app on it for further processing.

Check App Software

In any case, if your device is using an outdated version of the app, then this can be an actual cause for that issue. As that version can make the app’s working sluggish and lead you to face some other issues as well. So, open your device’s app store and see the new update there. Install that version if there is any available and go to the router’s settings page as the issue will resolve now.

Update The Router Firmware

router firmware update

The outdated firmware of the router can also create errors in the router’s working. So, it is advisable to keep the firmware updated to avoid technical and other bugs in the network. To do this, go to the router’s web management window as the app is not getting the router’s settings.

Then, select the Firmware Update option under Administration and check for your router’s latest file, but choose the exact model. Thereafter, perform the updating process by uploading the file to the option and also power cycle the router once. Open the app finally and try to access the router’s settings.

Examine Router Configured Settings

After attempting those resolving tips, if you still face an app stuck on getting router settings error, then check the installed entire network. As there can be some faults in the settings of the router which is stopping you to get its settings on the app. If this is the case, then you must prefer to opt for the router’s reset function to discard that error and the installed settings too.

Locate the dedicated reset button from the router’s bottom panel and press that for at least 5 to 10 seconds. Once you see the flickering light on it, unhold the button and wait till it turns stable. At that point, you can start the router configuration from scratch by using the Linksys app or the web portal. In the end, open the app and get the settings of the router.

Thus, you will succeed in accessing the router’s settings on the app. If you are not, then reach out to our technical experts to take more guidance for your query.