Velop Not Connecting To Router: Reasons And Solutions

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For configuring the Linksys velop, it is a prerequisite to connect it to the existing router. Besides that, you can face intermittent connections between the velop and router and the velop not connecting to router. There could be several possible causes behind this issue which can be identified or unidentified. But, here are the given reasons and solutions that you can try out to get rid of this connectivity issue.

Both Devices Are Placed Far Away

The most possible reason for the velop not connecting to router is the distance between both devices is too much. They are actually not in the range of each other and are not able to transfer enough strong signals. Although the best location for the velop is the center of your place, it must be within the range of the router. So, try choosing the ideal locations for the velop and the router as well. Here, we advise you to use the Spot-Finder feature on the Linksys WiFi app to get some suggestions for the placements.

Ethernet Wires Are Broken

The second major reason for this issue can be the misbehaving of the ethernet wires. This happens when there is any cut or a sign of tear or wear on the cable that you are using to make a connection. So, check the wires’ conditions and replace them if there is any requirement. It is advisable to use the included, original, and the latest wires to have a strong connection between the router and the velop.

Velop not connecting to router

WiFi Signals Interruptions

Equally important to those two points, signal interruptions from externally can also be a considering factor. That can surely cause the velop not connecting to router condition. So, make sure your router and the velop are not getting interruptions from electrical appliances such as refrigerators, gaming consoles, cordless phones, and many others. Check this point and keep these things as far away as you can from the router and velop.

Change Power Outlets

This can be a case that your velop and the router are not plugged well into the power sockets. So, check the power supply and the sockets too whether they are able to provide a proper electricity supply or not. If they are not, then try changing them and use the well-working sockets now. Meanwhile, try to give some rest to the velop and the router just as power cycling them. This will also help a lot to remove connectivity issues.

Technical Issue In The Router

Apart from the velop’s issues, your existing router can have a technical glitch from its back end. This is why the router is not connecting to the velop even after attempting these resolving tips. In this case, try reaching your ISP to get confirmation of this. If there is an actual error in the router, you must replace it with a new one and get the compatible router this time.

Velop’s Firmware Is Outdated

linksys velop firmware update

Apart from these causes, the outdated firmware of the velop could also create connectivity issues between the router and velop. An outmoded operating system makes the network sluggish and causes some technical glitches in the network as well. So, get the latest firmware version from the web management portal for your velop and update it as well. Ensure choosing the official version according to your exact velop model and don’t turn off the velop and PC during the process.

Reset The Velop And Router

The last reason can be there are faults in the configured settings of the velop or in the router itself. In that case, you will require to discard the currently installed settings of both devices and configuring them again. Doing so will help you to remove those faults and technical glitches as well. So, reset the velop first by pressing and holding the dedicated reset button from its bottom panel. Wait for the velop reset and configure it again with its default credentials.

On the contrary, reset the router after locating the button from its panel and wait to see the blinking light. Once the blinking light turns stable and solid, the router will become to its actual state. This means you can configure it now to connect and use it further. So, configure the router first using any of its specific setup methods and try connecting it to the velop or vice versa.

Thus, you will be successful in resolving the velop not connecting to the router issue after applying these tips. If you are not, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our technical experts to take more guidance.