Linksys WiFi Extender Blinking Orange: A Comprehensive Guide

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If your Linksys WiFi range extender device blinks the orange LED light, you may face a connectivity issue. But don’t worry we are here to help you. In this article, we will tell you some troubleshooting tips, by considering the steps of those tips you can quickly fix the error of your Linksys extender device.

Solution Tips To Fix Orange LED Trouble

There are several solution tips to fix orange light on Linksys extenders. Consider all the tips below.

Try To Power Cycle Your Linksys Extender:-

First of all, take out all the cables that connect to the Linksys extender device. Thereafter, press the Linksys WiFi range extender power button to turn it off After that, take out the power plug of the Linksys extender from the power socket. Now, wait a minute and place the Linksys extender power plug back into a wall socket. In the end, turn on the Linksys extender by pressing the power button.

Install Latest Version Software:-

To download the latest version software file, follow the below steps:-

Initially, take the WiFi device and connect that WiFi device with the Linksys extender default network. Now, open Chrome and type in the address bar. Later, the Linksys extender web management page will open on your computer display. Insert the credentials and hit on the login option. Further, click on the network advanced setting option and then pick the software file if there is any latest one and download it. The software installation process will take a few minutes.

Look Up An Ethernet Connection:-

We recommend you check all the ethernet cables that are linked with the Linksys WiFi range extender device. If any cable is damaged then I recommend you change that ethernet cable with a new one. After that, make sure that the connection between the WiFi device and extender is finger-tight.

Locate Extender At Central Location:-

When you locate your extender device at an improper location then the device does misbehave. To fix that, we suggest you locate an extender at the halfway location of your workplace. Also, make sure that the extender doesn’t be placed closer to the metal appliances.

Linksys Extender

Discard All Linksys Extender Previous Setting:-

First, look for a reset button on your extender. Mainly the reset button is located at the back. After that, take the pin and insert that pin in the Linksys extender reset button. When all the extender LEDs will turn off then it means your device is completely reset now. By doing this the Linksys extender is reset now.

After considering all the above tips Linksys extender blinks orange light error is fixed now.

Note:- After resetting the Linksys extender device, you will need to do the Linksys extender login and setup process.

Access Login Page Of Linksys Extender

First, take the computer or desktop in your hand. After that, open WiFi settings and connect it with the Linksys default WiFi network. Now, open Chrome and type the default web address in the URL bar. By doing this, the web management page of Linksys extender opens up on the computer display. Fill in the information that is shown on display. In the end, hit the login button to complete the Linksys WiFi range extender login process.

Configure Linksys Extender Through WPS

Note: When you are trying the WPS method process for pairing then make sure that your existing router device also supports the WPS button.

The WPS method is a simple method to pair an extender with a router. First of all, place the Linksys extender device power plug-in socket. After that, look up the WPS button extender and router. Thereafter, press both unit’s WPS buttons. By doing this WPS LED starts flashing solid which means they are successfully connected.

Setup Extender With Ethernet Cable

Setup Extender With Ethernet Cable
  • Initially, connect one end of the ethernet cable with a router and the other end of the cable with the extender.
  • After that, take one more wire and attach it with the extender to the computer.
  • Now, launch Chrome on which the wire is connected.
  • Type, the default web address of the Linksys WiFi range extender.
  • Fill in the details and click on the start setup option.
  • Create a new WiFi network name and password and save it.
  • In the end, save all the changes and connect your WiFi device to the Linksys extender network to enjoy the benefits of the extender device.

After the entire directions of this post, you will be able to fix the Linksys extender blinking orange light error easily by following the apart troubleshooting tips. Related to the Linksys extender unit if you have any kind of query then feel free to ping our tech expert to get an answer of your question.