How to Fix Linksys Extender Blinking Green Light?

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Are you witnessing Linksys Extender blinking a green light on your device? No need to worry, we are going to discuss about it in detail.

Linksys is one of the best wireless Wi-Fi network systems. It provides a faster and better internet connection which helps you get an excellent experience for work, gaming, and entertainment. This is a digital age. You can not even imagine your life without the internet and technology. Everything we need and want is just a click away, courtesy of the internet. Linksys offers a range of products with additional features to make your internet journey simpler and better. Although Linksys has a simple procedure to set up the extender and troubleshooting is also easy it still can show a few errors from time to time. Linksys Extender blinking green light is a widespread issue among them.

Defining Linksys Extender Blinking Green Light

If your Linksys Extender is blinking green and you are unsure what to do about it, you do not have to worry in any way. This is not an issue but you being the newbie and not having any knowledge about it can find it a problem. To solve it, you just have to know the meaning and exact reasons for this. Information is a powerful weapon. Once you have all the information about your problem then half of your problem is solved already. There are three types of green light variations that you can witness.

  • Blinking Green Light – Blinking green light can have various meanings. It may mean that your Linksys Extender is starting or resetting to factory default settings. Your extender upgrading its firmware to the latest version can also be the reason for it. You can customize the firmware update settings to automatic or manual as per your choice. If your extender blinks green for a few minutes and then your device restarts on its own you must know that it was the reason only.
  • Solid Green Light – It simply represents the fact that the set-up of your device is completely done and it is ready to use.
  • Blinking Green Then Turning Off – If your firmware update is in the process and your internet connection cuts off suddenly then it can cause this issue. Sometimes your internet connection is weak or is having some problems from the back end. You can talk to your Internet Service Provider for further confirmation.
linksys extender blinking green light

Potential Causes Of Blinking Green Light On Linksys Extender

There can be a lot of reasons for this issue. You can solve most of them once you know about the reasons. For your convenience, we have listed down some of the potential causes for Linksys Extender blinking green light :

Placement Of The Device

If your internet is not working properly and the supply is not optimum then it can cause the LED light to blink continuously. Various factors can cause this issue. So first of all check for all the interruptions. Ensure that the device is in the center of the house. No big walls or objects are obstructing the internet supply. Electromagnetic devices can cause connection breakage. Remove them if they are near your device. The distance between your host device and the extender should not be more than suggested.

Too Many Devices

If your extender is providing internet to too many devices then it can cause network congestion. It affects your internet connection. If your device is in the process of a firmware update and the process gets interrupted in the middle. It can lead to your Linksys Extender Blinking green light. Try to remove unwanted devices or you can opt for an upgraded internet plan.

Authentication Issue

If your Linksys Extender device fails to authenticate the host device, you may witness the green light issue in your Linksys Extender. In this case, the light on your extender will keep on going because of the in-progress status of the extender.

Connection Issue

A weak connection can also cause the issue of Linksys Extender Blinking Green. You can check all the wires and try restarting your device. If that does not work out then you can talk to your Internet Service Provider if there is any problem from the back end.

Hardware Issue

It is also possible that the LED light on your extender is not working and that is why it is blinking continuously. You can contact the Support Team or try replacing the extender.

Additional Green Lights And Their Meanings

There are other LEDs on the extender that also light green and represent different modes and meanings. If you are not a tech person yourself then it is quite obvious that you get confused between them. So we are briefing that about those green lights below:

  • DMZ – This LED indicates that the demilitarized zone feature is being used. It has nothing to do with your internet connection.
  • WLAN – The WLAN LED lights up when the Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) feature is enabled. If the LED is flashing, the router is actively sending or receiving data over the network.
  • 1,2,3 or 4 – These numbered lights corresponding with the numbered ports at the back of the router’s back serve two purposes. If the lights are continuously lit, it means the router is connected to a device through that port. If the LED is flashing, it indicates the network activity.
  • Internet – Internet Green light blinking represents the internet activity in the connected device through the port.
  • Wireless-B – It indicates that the device you are using is wirelessly connected to the Linksys Extender. The continuous light indicates that the device is connected but not in use. A blinking light indicates the activity on the connected device which means the internet is being used. If the light is turned off then it means the device is not connected.

The Technical Support Team

Although the information mentioned above is enough to resolve the issue on your own. But in case you are stuck somewhere or not able to find out the exact reason then you are suggested to contact our Technical Support Team. All the members are available 24/7 and highly trained to resolve your issue in a few minutes. You can visit our website for technical assistance. We provide call and chat options for your comfort. So you can reach out to us without any hesitation.