Expert Tips For Optimizing Linksys RE1000 Performance

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Getting slow internet speed while using the Linksys extender for a long time? This happens commonly if you have not made changes in the extender’s advanced settings and in other factors. Don’t worry if you are not aware of that, here are some expert tips that will surely work for you. Read and use them on your device in an appropriate way.

Linksys RE1000

Ideal Placement Matters

The first step in optimizing the extender’s performance is to select the best and optimal placement for it. You can place the extender closer to the router during the Linksys RE1000 setup. But, after the setup, you must place it midway between the router and WiFi dead spots for maximized WiFi coverage. However, don’t place it near the larger metal and electrical objects that can interrupt the signals and avoid transferring them. Such as thick walls, microwave ovens, 2.4GHz cordless phones, baby monitors, smart TVs, and others.

Change Advanced Settings

Equally important to external factors, the internal ones which are advanced settings also play a crucial role in the process. Go to the extender’s web interference through the Linksys RE1000 setup portal and access the wireless settings for these points:

  • Bandwidth channels
  • Frequency bands
  • Security encryption
  • Network password
  • Guest network
  • Parental control

Check these points and make changes as you desire or as they require. Ensure to choose the less congested channels, and activate both frequency bands from there. More than that, select the WPA3 security encryption for your network and also change its password for safety purposes. In the last two options, try making a guest network for other users and keep control of your kids’ using websites.

Firmware Updates

Timely firmware updates improve the extender’s performance significantly and avoid technical bugs in its working as well. Manufacturers offer the latest software version of the devices frequently that works to improve the network’s overall performance. So, check this point often and keep your device’s firmware updated every time. In an alternative way, you can activate the auto-update option for the firmware updating process on the Linksys WiFi app.

Regular Rebooting

Last but important, your Linksys extender can benefit from a simple periodic reboot. Power cycle the extender after a specific period of time and this will help you to fix technical glitches. Additionally, keeping the extender turned off when not in use, and turning it on later will lead to improved performance.

Thus, these are the professional tips that you can try out for your extender’s better performance. If still, you are seeking help with the same or another query, don’t hesitate to contact our experts.