Linksys RE7000 Setup

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Getting your Linksys RE7000 setup and operating is not complicated. To connect to a WiFi network, you need access to the internet and an ethernet cable. However, to complete the Linksys RE7000 WiFi Extender Setup, users need to know a few basic things. We are going to explain every single detail for your convenience. These tips will help you perform and complete the whole process smoothly.

Let’s go through the process stepwise.

RE7000 WiFi Extender Product Features

The latest and most powerful features of the Linksys extender provide numerous services. The AC1900+ technology works simultaneously on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The MU-MIMO feature helps to make multiple connections with the same device. Additionally, it covers up to 2500 sq ft. The interesting fact is that the Linksys RE7000 setup can be done by connecting to any router.

Unboxing the Linksys RE7000 Extender Kit

The Linksys RE7000 Extender comes not as a single device but as a complete kit. The kit contains one Linksys RE7000 Extender device which is the prominent piece, an ethernet wire, a power cord, and a user manual Guide. When you unbox the kit, make sure all these items are available in the kit and no single piece is damaged or unpacked. In case you find anything suspicious in the box, it is wise to click a pic and request a return by attaching the picture. But, if every single item in your kit is perfectly fine, you can go ahead with the installment and testing procedures. There is a user manual Guide inside the kit. Read the instructions given within it to install, configure, or troubleshoot your device.

In case, the instalment procedure seems complex to you, it is wiser to seek professional technical support. Because a quality completion of the setup process determines the quality of your internet connection. So, it is crucial that you do not make any mistakes while doing that. Simply, use our contact details and reach out to us via call or chat whatever suits your interest. Explain our queries to our support representatives, they will assist you efficiently in completing the Linksys RE7000 Extender installation and configuration.

Pre Requirements For Linksys RE7000 WiFi Extender Setup

Although, the Linksys RE7000 WiFi extender setup is a CD-less setup. But, this will require some essential things. You should know what you will need to set up the extender before you begin the configuration process. Here is a list of these

  • An efficient power plug with a stable electric supply.
  • A 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz WiFi connection.
  • Any PC, laptop, or Mobile phone with a web browser.
  • A brand-new ethernet cable.
  • Default web or IP address.
  • Login credentials like your SSID and password. You can find them on the label at the bottom of your device.
  • During the installation, that’s pretty much all you need.
linksys re7000 extender setup

Let’s dig a little deeper into the Linksys RE7000 setup process.

How To Setup Linksys RE7000

The Linksys RE7000 WiFi extender setup can be done in two simple ways. One is by Range Extender Mode and another one is Access Point Mode. To set up using the former method, read the beneath-written information

Linksys RE7000 Setup As a Range Extender

  • First, plug the extender into a power socket. Make sure the power socket is working and has an optimum supply of electricity.
  • Use a mobile or PC and connect it to the Linksys WiFi name, which will be shown as Linksys Extender Setup-111. Where 111 is the MAC address of the extender.
  • Open any web browser on your device and search “http;//”.
  • Apart from the URL address, you can use the “” IP address.
  • After visiting the next page, tap Start Linksys RE7000 Setup for further process.
  • Create an admin password and select As a Wireless Range Extender option.
  • Choose your existing WiFi network and insert the password.
  • Lastly, create the extended network SSID and password.

The extender is now connected by range extender mode once the Linksys RE7000 Setup is complete.

Linksys Extender RE7000 Setup As Access Point

The access point mode Linksys RE7000 Setup expands the WiFi by connecting the extender and router through an ethernet cable. For this setup method, the configuration steps are written below

  • First, fix the range extender into a power outlet and wait for a few minutes.
  • Connect the extender and router via an ethernet wire.
  • Search or the IP address on an updated web browser using any device
  • After reaching the Linksys RE7000 setup page, click Start Setup.
  • Go further by selecting As a Wired Range Extender option.
  • Generate a strong WiFi name and password.
  • Also, create an admin password for the range extender.

Finally, the access point mode Linksys RE7000 Setup is done.

WPS Way For RE7000 Setup

Besides those setup methods, there is another approach that you can follow easily and quickly. However, this method requires having a compatible WPS button on the existing router that can connect with the extender. Use the directions below if your host modem also has the WPS feature.

  • Place the extender near the existing router and plug it into a power socket.
  • Confirm the power LED panel lights on both devices before moving further.
  • Once they are ready for connection, press the WPS buttons from both.
  • Ensure to push them gently and with a gap of a few seconds.
  • Check the LEDs of both devices after waiting for a little while.
  • Soon, you will get solid and stable lights on both panels.
  • Hence, the setup will be completed within a few minutes and with less effort.
  • Finally, unplug the extender and place it in another area for stable signals.

Verify The Working And Speed of Linksys RE7000 WiFi Extender Setup

By correctly connecting the range extender, you will get the benefits of faster WiFi speeds, better coverage, and stronger signals. So, verify the extender’s functionality and the internet speed after setting up the device. To analyze the working of the extender, go after the directions that are listed down

  • Visit the Linksys RE7000 setup page.
  • Go to the basic settings page and verify the status of the extender, whether it is connected or not.
  • You will see the duo bands settings on the page. Which are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
  • On that page, you can also check the signal quality and signal strength.

The spot finder feature in the Linksys RE7000 WiFi extender setup determines the signal strength between the extender and router. It helps the users to control the extender distance between the router and the device. But, this feature is available only in Range extender mode.

To examine the internet speed of the Linksys extender, use any web-based speed test. Visit the speed test browser page and run the test. Make sure that you are getting a considerable network speed. Use the down-noted tips to check the upload and download speed

  • Transfer the data online from your devices.
  • Stream the music and videos on the platforms.
  • Update the software of your devices.
  • Add files or folders to the cloud or drive.

Ensure to use different gadgets and locations while performing the test to get better results.

Settle the Linksys RE7000 Setup Errors

In some cases, the Linksys extender stops working, whatever the reason is. However, to troubleshoot the error, you must know the reason first. Here is a list of some common reasons

  • The distance between the router and the extender is more than the suggested distance.
  • Disrupted internet signal because of walls or electromagnetic devices.
  • Disrupted electric supply to the extender.
  • Damaged ethernet wire, switches or inefficient power outlets.
  • Weak internet connection or no internet through the router.
  • Unstable network connection from the back end.
  • Outdated firmware version.

Utilize these troubleshooting ways to fix the errors

  • Check the power supply and light indication of the extender
  • Remove all such devices that emit electromagnetic waves
  • Plug in the extender again after the Linksys RE7000 setup if required
  • Reduce the gap between the extender and the router.
  • Make it clear that the ethernet wire shows no sign of wear and tear.
  • Talk to your Internet Service Provider regarding the instability of the internet.
  • Update the firmware to its latest version.

If the errors are still not fixed by following the above methods, then use the reset function. But, keep in mind the reset function will delete the factory settings and you have to configure it again.

  • Press and hold the reset button for around 10 seconds.
  • Now, wait till the extender restores the factory settings.
  • Once it is done, do the Linksys RE7000 Setup again.
  • By now, the errors will be fixed.

Update the firmware of the Linksys RE7000 WiFi extender setup by following the instructions

  • Download your model’s firmware from the Linksys RE7000 Setup management portal.
  • Login to the Linksys extender “” page.
  • Enter the username and password to access the device.
  • Click the Firmware Upgrade and upload the firmware file, and click Update.
  • Once the update is done, check the working of the Linksys extender.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Linksys RE7000 Setup can be done in two methods which are Range Extender Method and Access Point Mode. Plug the extender into the power socket and then follow the rest of the steps

  • Open the “” page on your device.
  • Create an admin password and your password hint as well.
  • Select either the “As a Wireless Range Extender or the As a Wired Range Extender” option according to your setup method.
  • Choose the existing WiFi name and type the password.

In this way, you can do the setup.

The reason behind this is that your extender’s wireless settings are disrupted. Change the Linksys RE7000 extender settings in the Range Extender method accordingly. This will make the connection by fixing the issue.
The perfect location of the extender should be in the middle of the router and device. Neither be too far from the router nor be too far from your device. The extender must be within the wireless range of the router.
No, the Linksys RE7000 extender is compatible and can connect with any WiFi router. Generally, in most cases, it is not necessary to have an extender and router of the same brand. Most extenders can work with all the routers.