Context And Solution To Resolve Linksys Velop Connected But No Internet Issue

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This is not a very complicated issue but needs to be fixed for an interrupted network connection. We understand that having connectivity issues is frustrating. Especially when you can’t access the internet despite being connected. you need to know what is velop and how it works to handle the situation efficiently. So, velop is an advanced network device that works as the main router. It is a mesh system that eliminates all low or zero wifi zones in your house or workplace. Since, it is the main router, other extender nodes will stop working naturally if the velop is not working.

Linksys Velop

Let’s understand the potential reasons and their solutions

Here are some common factors that can cause this issue. Check for every single one of them until you resolve the issue completely.

Internet Connection

Check the main access point for the supply of internet. Connect any of your devices directly to the access point to see if you are able to access the internet or not. If yes, then the internet supply is optimum and you have to go on with the issue hunting. If not, then contact your Internet Service Provider and discuss the issue you are facing. Try upgrading your internet plan. You might face this problem if the internet you are accessing is not enough for the devices you are using.

Minor Technical Issue

Some unexplainable technical issues can cause this problem. A simple power cycle can resolve this issue. Turn off all your modem, velop, and velop nodes for about a minute or so. Turn on all of them and let them connect properly. Go ahead with the search operation if it does not eliminate the Linksys velop connected but no internet issue.

Update Firmware

Firmware is software that sends instructions to every part of the device to function properly. It can cause some connectivity as well as no internet issues. Go to the administration settings of your device on the app or the setup page on a web browser. Check for the Firmware if there are any pending updates. Also, set the updates to automatic to avoid such hassle in the future.

Verify Velop Setup

Linksys velop connected but no internet issue can be caused due to some mistake you might have made while setting up the velop. Make sure you have set up the Linksys velop according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Reset Velop

Try resetting the velop if the issue persists. Resetting your network device can solve many issues you might be facing directly or indirectly. You need to access the web interface of the Linksys again though.

Check The Placement

Make sure all the velop nodes are near the velop. If the distance between the primary and secondary devices is more than suggested, facing this kind of issue is common.

Check Network Settings

Access the network settings and go through every single one of them. It helps to ensure that all the settings are configured correctly. In addition, check if the DHCP is enabled and the nodes are obtaining IP addresses from your velop.

Contact our technical support team if the issue continues to bother you. Our technicians work round-the-clock so you do not have to wonder about time. Get in touch with us via call or chat. You can leave us an email too. One of our skilled and experienced technicians will be there in no time to resolve your issue.