How to Fix Linksys Velop Dropping Internet Connection?

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Are you bothered by a patchy internet connection? We understand how frustrating it can be especially when you rely on it completely. In this digital era, the internet is equivalent to your passion. The faster and steady the internet the more passionate you will be about your work. The Linksys velop dropping internet connection continuously can cause a major setback for your work. If you are not a tech person yourself then you may only be able to resolve it with assistance. But you do not have to worry as we are here for you. We are going to discuss every single detail of the Linksys velop dropping internet connection. You will know about the causes and potential solutions to this issue. The information we are about to provide will help you resolve internet connection issues today and in the future as well.

Causes And Solutions Of Linksys Velop Dropping Internet Connection

Linksys velop is one of the most efficient network connection products that Linksys provides. It helps you extend the quality, speed, and stability of the internet you are using. Although Linksys velop works the best for your internet supply it still can show a few errors occasionally. Because it is just a machine and machines tend to have problems from time to time. There are a lot of bugs and issues that can cause your velop to drop the internet.

Problem With Your Equipment

There can be many factors causing this issue but the first and most likely cause is that there is something wrong with your equipment. You can try restarting your velop and host device as well. Restarting your device will give your device a new start and can resolve the issue you are facing.

restart linksys velop

Intermittent Outages From ISP

Your Internet Service Provider has the origin of your network connection. If there is something wrong with the back end then it is completely obvious that your velop is going to suffer with the Linksys velop dropping internet connection issue. You can try connecting to your internet service provider and discuss the issue with him.

Network Congestion

If too many devices are connected to your velop then there is a high chance that your internet is going to crash. It can be a static issue or can happen occasionally. Because too many devices put a lot of load on your velop and it can result in your Linksys velop dropping internet connection. You must remove all unwanted and unauthorized devices. Try restarting your velop after it. You can remove those devices also that you are not using currently.

Damaged Network Wires

The network wires especially the ethernet wire play a vital role in the quality supply of the internet. If they are damaged in any way then they can cause some serious issues for your network connection. So check every wire involved to ensure they are not torn or impaired in any way. You can change them in case there is one. It may also resolve your issue and enhance the quality and stability of your network connection.


Frequency Interference From Other Devices

Electromagnetic waves impact the performance of your Network connection in a very negative way. So try removing them in case there are any present near your device. These devices are not some kind of special device like their name. These are simple devices that we use in our house on a daily basis. So if you are not aware of them then you can take Google’s help. A few examples of such devices are baby monitors, loudspeakers, gaming comptrollers, induction cookers, etc.

Placement Of The Device

The placement of the device plays a vital role in the working of your device. Try placing it in the centre of your house or office. In this way, it will be able to cover the whole house equally and efficiently. You can search for it online in case you are having difficulty placing it. The distance between your host device and the velop is also crucial when we talk about the quality of the internet. If your devices are not placed near each other then your internet connection can be interrupted.

Physical Obstructions

Your device needs an open space to provide an excellent internet connection. If there are any walls, aquariums, or big showpieces near your device then they can obstruct the internet supply. So ensure that your device is not hidden behind such objects.

Electricity Supply

If the flow of electricity supply is not stable then it can create such issues. Try checking all the power plugs included. If they are working fine, check if those power outlets are connected to the inverter. It may resolve your issue.

Firmware Update

If you have not updated your firmware for a very long time then it can be the possible cause of your Linksys velop dropping internet connection. Go to the settings and click on the administration settings. Check the firmware version you have. Now search for the latest version available for your device. If they are not the same then update it immediately.

linksys firmware update

Error In Settings

Check all the settings if they are optimized in the right way. The options you set in the settings play a crucial role and determine the whole working of your device. So they must be modified perfectly.

Some Other Solutions For Linksys Velop Dropping Internet Connection

  • The User Manual Guide – Linksys provides a user manual guide that contains all the information regarding the device, its login and setup, potential issues, and its solution. You can walk through it if you want to know more about the issue you are having and are not able to resolve it.
  • The Tech Support Team – Our tech support team members are known to resolve any technical issue in no time. You can contact us in case you find yourself stuck with some issue like Linksys velop dropping internet connection. Every member of our support team is highly trained to troubleshoot most of the issues easily and effectively. So you do not have to worry about anything. Just reach out to us by visiting our website and clicking on the customer care toll-free number. You will be able to connect to us within a few seconds. Our support is 24/7 available so you can contact us irrespective of the time.