Why is My Linksys Wifi Extender Not Working?

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Have you attempted the Setup so many times and failed? There could be many reasons for a connection failure of the extender. But we are having more than 7 solutions for you. By implementing these few simple-to-execute tips, you will be done.

linksys wifi extender not working

Before Heading To Setup Look at Extender’ Versatility

An extender is necessary to boost the WiFi signals throughout your building. If your existing router is much more compatible to transmit the signals the extender won’t behave faultily. In addition, it will help in the problem of the Linksys extender not working, therefore, can remove the signal dead zones. By separating two different networks, one for your Linksys existing router, and one for the Linksys robust extender.
Besides, the extender behaves faultily because of the given descriptive reasons.

Reasons Behind The Faulty Extender

  • The configuration of the Linksys Extender is improper for sure.
  • A wired connection like an ethernet might be broken.
  • The firmware version might be outdated.
  • Too much obstruction of other electronic devices.
  • The placement of the devices is wrong.
  • Internet Connection with the existing router is weak.

Note: All these issues will definitely lead to the Linksys extender not working issues. We will tell you about the simple resets, default settings, and proper installation steps as well. That will definitely help.

Weak WiFi Signal And Strength?

Due to the significant limitations of wireless networks. The wireless networks and signals utilize the frequency radio transmission, just like an old home radio. Although home appliances like microwave ovens and radio stations burst out at the same frequency, which is really a matter of concern. That is typically limiting the network signals and the strength as well.

  • Radio technology lacks the proper strength or range.
  • Obstacles cause a reduction in signal strength.
  • Interference from other devices sending radio waves.
  • Weaker signal transmission by the old and less efficient wireless router.
  • Technical errors that a router is facing lead to weak signals.
  • The power socket might not be compatible with passing good signals.

Most of the routers are currently operating at 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands, which are either operating 900 MHz bands at 2.4, 3.6, 5, or even 60 GHz frequency bands. But before moving ahead to solve your relevant query regarding the Linksys extender not working, we need to verify the radio frequency band your device is utilizing. If you think this question is of no use, then we must tell you the strength and the range depending on the bands and channels.

Configure The Device

Are you trying to change the wireless channels, but facing trouble connecting to the networks? Device traffic on the channels may result in interference. Visit extender.linksys.com for solutions or simply follow the tips we have outlined below.

  • First, just open the settings by dropping down to the settings of your device.
  • Then, select the network and internet from there, select the WiFi menu icon, and after reaching it select the width of the channel in the advanced setting option.
  • Now from here, choose a different channel that is not being used by others in your area, or is hardly in use by anyone. As a list of channels, Width could easily be visible to you under the channels. Choose a non-usable one instead of a usable one.

The Ethernet Cable Might Be Broken

The ethernet wire connection is the easiest one. But the wires must not be broken as it may lead to the Linksys extender not working and a bad connection to the internet.

  • So first, check if the wire is not broken.
  • The Port that connects them, to make a connection should be in good condition.
  • Check the connecting wire must not loose.
  • Finally, connect to the PC after a good inquiry.

Check The Status On The Extender

While the connection of the PC and the ethernet goes well. Now it is time to check with the extender.

  • Verify if your ethernet wire is in connection with the router and the extender.
  • Although do not forget to check if the wire is still in connection with the laptop or computer. Now see if you are getting the proper WiFi speed.
  • Note: Make sure to unplug the extra devices. Before making a connection unplug the extra devices. In most of the brands, ethernet wire comes along it. So don’t be in a hurry and Unbox patiently.

Might Be The Firmware Version Is Old

Follow the steps to upgrade the firmware:

  • Try connecting the Linksys range extender directly to the computer or the laptop with an ethernet wire. Just keep this in mind if you will be up for a connection process then the extender must not be in connection with ethernet.
  • Now open your web browser and enter “” this is the default IP address to configure the extender.
  • Finally, you are allowed to create a new password if you have changed your password you can enter it now. Instead, you can enter the default “admin” in the Password space and then click Login.

Note: It will quickly set up your Linksys extender not working as well.

Too Many Electric Devices

As we have already told you, the electrical device could be a big reason for distracting the signals. So keep your routing devices away from these highly distracting electric devices. The moment the frequency of both devices matches, the router signals start to become weaker.

Device Placement Is Not Correct

The placement of the device could significantly affect the signal coverage. Sometimes it depends on the category of the router. Or might a router be installed in the corner of the office or in the basement or on the top floor, you may be dealing with far more signal strength and range issues than you need to.

Internet Is Weak On The Existing Router

Always keep this in mind if the existing router will not be properly configured then, the router will not be weak to get signals on it.

We hope that we have given a lot of tips on the Linksys extender not working. In addition, we hope they are useful for you at the same time. If not then, just don’t forget to chat with us in the chat box in the last corner of the blog.