Linksys Router IP Address Not Working? Here Is What To Do!

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The Linksys IP address is a credential through which you can access the Linksys web portal to execute the process. But, sometimes, accessing the web portal using an IP address becomes difficult due to some technical or other errors. And there can be a number of causes that create the errors. So, check out the information below to get relevant solutions and use them to fix the issue.

linksys router ip address not working

Check Device Connectivity

The first and foremost reason behind this issue can be a weak or no connection between your device and the router. In case your device is not connected to the router or its network it will be impossible to access the web interference. So, in a wired connection, make sure the ethernet wire is working and the wireless adapter of your computer is enabled.

To do this, go to the Computer’s properties and then click Device Manager to enable this feature. Whereas, in a wireless connection, check if your computer is attached to the main WiFi network such as 2.4GHz or 5GHz. If it is not, then disconnect your PC from that guest network and attach it to your own one.

Check The Computer’s Compatibility

After getting a strong connection, if the error still persists, then there can be an issue with the PC’s web browser compatibility. Ensure that the web browser is updated with the latest version and if it is not then update it immediately. Also, remove the cookies, caches, malware files, and history of the web browser. If there is any AntiVirus program installed, then check its firewall settings and disable it while accessing the web portal. Here you can also use another web browser if still, your older one is not successful in becoming compatible.

Verify The IP Address

This can be a case that you enter the IP address in the wrong sequence or there is a numeric mistake. However, if you aren’t aware of your device’s default IP address then check the manual setup guide to get that. Then, enter the address in the right way and click enter later and the issue will resolve in this way. But, if the error keeps occurring, then try other troubleshooting tips below.

IP Address Conflicts

There might be a possibility that there is an IP conflict that is causing the Linksys router IP address not working error. This happens mostly when two or more devices are operating on the same IP address at the same time. So, to get rid of this, check other devices’ settings if there is the same IP address. If there is, then change them and set new and different ones. After doing that, go to the web browser and try accessing the web interference using the IP address.

Enter The Default Login Password

If none of the above-mentioned points work even after attempting in the perfect way, then verify the login password once. Be sure that you are using the default password of the Linksys device and that must be mistake-free as well. Here you will need to use the updated password if you changed that earlier. If you don’t remember that or forgot that, then you need to reset that by discarding the configured settings.

Reboot The Router

If every point from the above-mentioned is correct then there can be a temporary error in the router. This is why rebooting the router also becomes necessary along with implementing those tips. So, unplug the router from the current power socket and keep it unplugged for a short while and plug it in again.

While doing this, make sure to check the power socket’s working and check the power LED on the router too. Keep in mind that the area where you place the router must be electrical appliances free. After that, connect your PC to the router and try reaching the web portal by using the IP address.

Reset The Router

The final foolproof solution to eliminate the Linksys router IP address not working issue is to reset the router. Locate the dedicated reset button on the router’s panel and press it till the light starts blinking. Use a paperclip if there is any need for pushing the button.

Then, wait for a few minutes as the reset process will take some time to complete. Once the light becomes stable and solid, the router will be successful in resetting its installed settings. Now, configure the router again from scratch by searching the IP address in any web browser.

The Linksys router IP address not working issue will fix now once you use these resolving tips. If it is not, then, get in touch with our team of experts to take more guidance.

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