Linksys Velop App Not Working? Fix It!

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With the help of the Linksys application, you can quickly do the Velop installation process. But sometimes the Linksys Velop app not working properly. To fix this issue follow all the below instructions which are written on this page.

Linksys Velop App Not Working

Device Not Connected

WiFi devices such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc. The WiFi device is not attached to the Linksys device. Due to this reason, the Linksys Velop App not working. To resolve the WiFi device connection issue we recommend that you place a plug of Linksys Velop in a specific power socket. After that, take the computer or any other WiFi device that you want and open the WiFi network list. Now, pick the Linksys name of the network and connect the device to it. By doing this, the Linksys application works properly. Apart from that follow the below extra tip.

Try to remove all the browser caches and cookies, to do this follow the below steps.

First, on your WiFi device open Chrome. After that, click on More which is shown on the right top. Hit on the more tools and then discard or remove all the browser data. From the top, pick up the time range. To delete all things, pick all the time. In the end, clear all caches and cookies data from the browser.

Re-Download Linksys Application

To fix the issue you will need to uninstall the Linksys application and then from the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone install the Linksys application again.

  • First, uninstall the app.
  • After that, open the Google Play Store and click on the search bar.
  • Next, look for the Linksys application and install it on your phone.
  • Now, open the app and fill in all the details which are shown on the page.
  • Finally, follow all the app instructions.

Outdated App Version

Due to the outdated version of the Linksys application, the application does not work properly. To resolve this issue you will need to open the Play Store on the WiFi device in which the application is downloaded. Now, search for this application in the search bar. After that, if you see the latest version of the Linksys application then immediately update the Version of the Linksys application. By doing this check whether the issue is fixed or not.

Enter Incorrect Login Details

Most of the time when people fill in the login details that are shown on the Linksys application. To fix the issue you will need to verify the login details from the manual booklet which comes along with the Linksys application. Do this process if you don’t change the security password of the Linksys Velop device.

Interrupted Power Supply

Due to overheating of the Linksys Velop device or due to placing Linksys Velop in the damaged power socket. By following this solution, and tip steps most of the time the issue is fixed.

Initially, press the power button of your Linksys Velop and then take out the plug of the Linksys Velop from the socket. Later, place the Linksys Velop plug into the new power socket. In the end, power on the Linksys Velop node. Now, identify that the Linksys Velop app not working is now completely fixed. If not fixed then try another solution.

Linksys Velop Software Outdated

When you upgrade the software of the Linksys Velop device from time to time you can also quickly fix the Linksys velop app not working issue.

Due to the outdated software of the Velop device or unit, the Linksys Velop app not working properly. So make sure to update the software of your device from time to time. To upgrade the software of the Linksys Velop. You will need to access the Linksys web management page.

First, take the computer and connect that computer to the Linksys network. Later, open Chrome and type the default IP address in the URL bar. Next, the Linksys web management window will open up on the computer display. Now, click on the advanced network option and then hit on the software upgrade option. Further, if you see any software files then install them on your WiFi device. In the end, restart the Linksys Velop to complete the software upgrade process.

Reset Linksys Velop

At the bottom of the Linksys Velop device, you see the reset button. In doing so, you will be successful in resolving the Linksys Velop node blinking red issue. So, press the reset button of Linksys Velop by hairpin. Now, all the Linksys Velop LEDs will be turned off. It means that the Linksys Velop device is now completely reset.

Note: After resetting the Linksys Velop you will need to do the Linksys Velop setup procedure again.

Now, the Linksys Velop app not working issue is completely fixed by following the above solution steps. For any reason, if you are unable to fix the issue then try to ping our Linksys technician team, by sending your doubts to our official mail i.e., By doing this within a short while our team will call you and fix the issue.