Why Does My Linksys Extender Keep Disconnecting

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Though the Linksys extender is a plug-and-use device, sometimes you may get errors in its working after installing it easily. No matter what the reason is, even you may not be able to find the source of the error. However, there are a number of causes behind this situation which we will discuss in this article, and also some solutions as well. So, read and utilize these informative points precisely.

Let’s discuss the reasons and solutions separately.

linksys extender disconnecting

Weak Internet Connection

The first and foremost cause can be the weak internet signals from the existing router to the extender. Although the extender’s work is to expand the existing internet network, the extender requires enough signals from the router. So that it can widen the router’s range to every corner.

Also, there may be a chance that the current internet connection is not active or that the pack is expired. This is why the router is not providing adequate internet signals. Apart from that, the extender’s channel interruptions can be a reason for the weak strength of the internet connection.

Extender’s Inappropriate Placement

Besides that, the improper placing location of the extender can be a major factor behind this condition. You may relocate and place the extender too near or too far from your router and connected device. Or the extender is not in the router’s range and hence not able to supply signals to the device.

Moreover, the Linksys extender disconnecting issue can be due to physical obstructions such as thicker walls and floors. Or the extender is in touch with large metallic objects and things having more quantity of water. Sometimes, the electronic devices in the house such as TV, radio, and microwave also disrupt the extender signal.

Outdated Firmware Version

Talking about the extender’s software, many times it runs on an obsolete firmware file. This is why the Linksys extender disconnecting condition occurs often or it provides slow internet speed. On the other hand, you might update the wrong or interrupted firmware version while performing the Upgrade process. That latest firmware file may not be of your extender’s exact model. Or your PC turns off while executing the process. Head over to extender.linksys.com to find an appropriate solution to update your Linksys Extender Firmware to the most recent version.

Obsolete Device’s Web Browser

Last but not least, your device may be running on an outmoded web browser. There can be a probability of this case, as a result, you are continuously facing the Linksys extender disconnecting error. Because the extender will not work well and not supply a strong signal to an out-of-date device’s web browser.

Unplug The Extender And Connect Again

Before moving to the tough troubleshooting point, let’s try an easy one to eliminate the Linksys extender disconnecting issue. Follow these comfy steps to do this.

  • In the first step, unplug your extender and the router from the power plugs and disconnect your devices too.
  • Now, verify whether the extender or router is overheating or not. If it is, then leave both devices for some time to cool down the heating.
  • After some time, plug the extender and router into the power sockets and turn the switches on.
  • When the LEDs turn color indications after making the devices ready to configure, take your device and make a connection.
  • Make sure your device connects well to the extender network, whether it is a wired or wireless connection.
  • In the final step, check if it’s working and whether the Linksys extender disconnecting is solved or not.

Upgrade The Extender’s Firmware

No doubt, it is mandatory to keep the extender software matched with the latest version to get its flawless working. So, check the extender’s current firmware version and the latest one as well. If the extender is using an old one, then update it immediately. In order to do this, download the new file from the official website and save it on your PC.

Later, go to the extender’s web-based setup page and select the Upgrade Firmware option. After that, upload that file there and run the Updating process. The point here is don’t turn off your PC while doing this and keep an eye on it. Once the process is complete, reboot the extender and use it. Your Linksys extender will start functioning well now.

Reset The Extender

This is another foolproof approach that will solve the error shortly. But, use this method if needed as it will discard the settings and configuration that you have done earlier. Follow these points to perform this process.

  • Initially, disconnect your devices from the extender and the router network.
  • After this, locate the reset button on the extender’s panel.
  • Once you find that button, press it for a few seconds till the LED starts blinking.
  • Wait for a while and let the extender do its factory reset.
  • After a few minutes, the LED will become stable and the process will complete.
  • Lastly, reconfigure the extender and connect your device to it.

Consider These Points While Configuring It

  • Prefer to make a wired connection rather than a wireless one.
  • Keep the extender away from your house appliances and metal objects.
  • Recreate the SSID name and create a strong password this time.
  • Additionally, use WPA or WPA2 standards for security purposes.
  • The ideal location of the extender is at the center of your place.
  • So, place the extender halfway between your router and device.

We expect that through these troubleshooting tips, the Linksys extender disconnecting error is sorted by now. Therefore, get and enjoy the seamless highest internet speed at your desired location. In any case, if you face any hurdles in the extender’s work, then don’t think twice to contact us.