How To Be Ready With Your Linksys Velop Installation?

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Although the Linksys velop mesh setup involves some complex steps that you need to follow carefully. That’s why it is a must for you to become familiar with how to prepare the velop for the setup process. So, here are the instructions that you can follow to have a successful setup without getting errors.

linksys velop installation

Uncover & Check The Manual Guide

As you get the Velop packed box, do its unboxing before moving further with the setup. Here are the things you will get during the unboxing:

  • The Linksys Velop main parent node
  • One or more child nodes according to model
  • Power cables with enough length for attachment
  • Ethernet cables for connectivity between nodes
  • Lastly, a manual setup guide for the product

After taking out these things, don’t skip reading the manual Linksys velop setup guide that you get in the box. That guide will walk you through every basic detail, some setup points, login credentials, and web/IP address. So, note down those credentials right before moving to the next step of the process.

Attach The Nodes Together

Now, let’s start with the joining process of the velop as this is a mesh setup containing several things. So, first of all, attach the main parent node to a power socket using the included power cable. Then, connect it to the existing modem with the help of an ethernet wire. You can connect other nodes too, but here we recommend you connect them after the Linksys velop setup of the parent node. However, make sure both devices are attached with optimal strength and stability, and also check the power LEDs of them.

Reset The Velop Router

Meanwhile, you make connections using the above-mentioned directions, try resetting the velop router once using its reset button. This will help you to make the router in its factory default state so that there will be no error in setup. Wait till the reset is complete, keep checking its LED, and make the connection again.

Connect Your Device To Velop

In the final step of preparation for the setup is connecting your device to the Linksys default network. You can either make this connection wirelessly or wired according to your preference. For a wireless connection, choose the wireless network on your device’s network list and attach it to the official one. On the contrary, for a wired connection, use an ethernet wire and insert ends into both devices’ ports. Finally, access the web Linksys velop setup portal and follow the directions to complete the process.

Thus, we expect that you will have a safe setup with your Velop after using these useful points. However, if you fail to complete that hassle-free then get more help from our tech experts.