Linksys Velop: The Basic Need Of Every Home

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Linksys Velop is an intelligent mesh Wi-Fi system made up of several nodes. And these nodes work seamlessly to fit all your home needs and deliver flawless Wi-Fi. They can deliver the signals wherever you need it ranging from your lawn to your terrace. With Linksys Velop you will always be on the fastest path to the internet.

linksys velop

Features: Linksys Velop Device

There are multiple high-tech features in Linksys Velop device. Here are a few ones you should look for:

Easy and Quick Setup

One of the first and foremost features is Linksys Velop Setup which is simple and easy. You can easily do this through the web portal or app in a few minutes.

Dual-Band WiFi Frequency

Linksys Velop comes with Wi-Fi technology that has a dual-band with MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple-input, Multiple-output) technology. This technology allows a Wi-Fi router to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously. As a result, it decreases the time that each device needs for a signal and enhances the speed of your network.

App-Based Control

You can easily control the device through the Linksys app. It is readily available on the App Store and Play Store as well.

With the help of the Linksys App you can perform various activities. You can create a guest network and ensure the safety of your kids with the parental control feature. You can also prioritize devices that need the most speed. The best part is it comes with Alexa support through which you can get access to a variety of convenient voice commands and much more.

Intelligent Mesh WiFi Technology

Its intelligent mesh technology has the power to self-organize, self-optimize, and self-heal. This means if someone accidentally unplugs a node then other nodes will do the work. And it also can select the clearest channel for your device.

Ability to Deliver Broader Coverage

Linksys Velop is known for its seamless roaming which means it provides Wi-Fi coverage for your entire home over a single network.

LED Indicators

The different colors of LED lights make them more interesting. For eg. If you see a blinking blue light it indicates node is starting up, solid blue depicts Velop node is working successfully, a solid purple light denotes node is ready for setup whereas a blinking red light means that the connection to the primary node is lost and if it turns solid red you have certainly lost the connection to the internet. Last but not least is solid yellow light which will depict that the velop node is too far from another node.


The Linksys Velop also comes with 2 WAN/LAN auto-sensing Gigabit Ethernet ports which will be helpful while doing wired connections. Not only this it also comes with three internal antennas and high power amplifiers.

So without giving a second thought just go and grab one for your home and bask in the pool of the best network connection blanket with your Linksys Velop. Congratulations on your worthy choice.