Common Issues With Linksys RE6500 WiFi Extender

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Start getting errors in the Linksys extender’s working all of a sudden? Or even not able to configure the extender as you are facing some setup issues. The reason behind this situation can be any, which includes connectivity issues, LEDs are not ideal, and many more. But, we have got some common issues with Linksys RE6500 WiFi extender that may create the extender’s malfunction. So, go through them once and implement the solution appropriately.

linksys re6500 setup

Improper Electricity Supply

In this first case, your extender might be unable to get a proper electricity supply from the power socket. But, in this condition, the fault is in the power outlet instead of the extender. That is not able to receive and deliver power supply due to any damage to it. So, just unplug your extender and plug it into another socket and check the extender’s working now.

Connectivity Problems

For doing the Linksys RE6500 setup, you will require to connect your device to the extender network. That you can do this using the wireless network and through an ethernet wire. But, while doing this, you may encounter some connectivity issues, which can be in the wireless or wired connectivity. Your extender network might not be visible in the wireless network list or your device is not able to attach with that. In another case, there is an interruption in the ethernet wire connection.

In this case, check the extender’s network, if it is not visible in the list, then reboot the extender once. Later, make sure you are choosing your own network instead of someone else’s as there can be similar networks in your vicinity. Apart from that, check the ethernet wire and that must be the latest and in working condition. In this way, your connectivity problem will be fixed easily.

Login And Setup Portal Issues

Successful in attaching your device to the network, but not able to access the extender’s login portal. This is really a common issue that you can face often. The possible reason behind this error can be the wrong web or IP address of the extender for which you are searching. However, it basically happens when your device is not connected to the extender.

  • Foremost of all, check the extender, router, and device connectivity.
  • Later, open the updated web browser on the networked device.
  • Search for the extender’s web or IP address by filling in this perfectly.
  • In fact, have a look over the extender’s manual guide to collect this detail.
  • Thus, the Linksys extender login window will be visible on the screen.

WPS Setup Error

While approaching the WPS setup process, it is necessary that your router’s WPS is compatible. In that condition only, you will be successful in configuring the extender. So, check the router’s WPS working first, and replace it if the WPS button is not working on it. After doing this, try connecting your extender to the router and press both buttons with a gap of some seconds.

Extender’s LEDs Are Not Ideal

Possibly there can be any condition when the extender starts showing blinking or non-optimal light colors. There might be a blinking power, WPS, or WiFi light sign on the extender. Fortunately, the extender’s light indications will surely help you to recognize the unidentified error’s source.

As there will be some different lights on the extender’s panel which will tell you about different notifications. The power light will notify you of the electricity supply and the WPS light will tell you about the WPS connection. Besides that, the WiFi and reset light will indicate the wireless connectivity and the reset process. Here it is recommended to get the LEDs colors in detail from the manual setup guide and utilize them appropriately.

Intermittent Connections

Your device is connected to the extender but getting intermittent connection continuously. Unfortunately, there can be any cause behind this involving the distant placement of the extender or some other causes. Maybe your extender is not in touch with the router’s range, instead, it is getting in touch with electrical and metallic things. So, keep in mind these points to place the extender optimally.

  • You will require to place the extender closer to the router while doing the setup process.
  • After configuring the extender, you can place the extender in WiFi dead spots but it must be within the router’s range.
  • Don’t let your house appliances and other metallic objects interfere with the network’s signals.
  • To find the best placement for the extender, you can use the Spot Finder feature in the Linksys WiFi app.

Sluggish Internet Speed

In some cases, your extender might start delivering the slow speed of the internet. Maybe there is an error in the extender from its technical end. So, to get this fixed, contact your internet service provider to get to know the particular reason behind this. Verify the internet plan’s update whether that is active or expired. Also, you must update the plan if you require excessive internet.

Another reason behind this can be the obsolete firmware version of the extender that is causing the extender’s sluggish working. To make it the latest, visit the extender’s web management portal and check for the latest version accordingly. Save that file on your networked PC and visit the same page again. After visiting there, do the firmware updating process, and don’t turn off the PC and extender while doing this. Doing so will enable you to get the extender working in its best state.

Device Keeps Disconnecting

If you succeed in setting up and connecting the extender to your devices, but after some time your devices start disconnecting from the network. In that case, you might configure the extender using its faulty or inaccurate login and other details. To get this fixed, you will require to configure the extender again after discarding the older settings. Use any option from these two reset processes.

Reset On Web Management Portal

In this process, you will require to go to the extender’s management portal to do it factory default. After logging into the extender’s page, select the wireless settings and then go to the Backup and Restore option. Click on the Factory Default tab and wait for a few minutes. Don’t turn off the PC till the process is completed. Lastly, do the Linksys extender setup again using its WPS button or from the web-based setup portal.

By Pressing The Reset Button From The Panel

On the other hand, you can use and press the reset button from the extender’s panel to discard the settings. To do this, find and press the reset button from the extender’s panel and keep checking the reset LED on it. But, ensure to disconnect those devices that are networked to the extender earlier. Wait for a few minutes and the stable light on the extender will indicate to you about the process.

Therefore, these are the common issues that you can face in the Linksys RE6500 extender’s working. Also, some reliable solutions are mentioned here that you can try out to get the extender’s errors clear. If still you are seeking more help, then reach out to our Linksys Technical Expert Team to get the extender in its working state. They will assist you as quickly as they can and offer the relevant guidance for your extender’s network.