8 Steps to Setting up your Linksys RE6400 WiFi Range Extender

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Sure, here is a step-by-step guide to setting up your Linksys RE6400 WiFi range extender:

  • Place the extender: Choose a location for your extender that is within range of your existing WiFi network and plug it into a power outlet.
  • Connect to the extender: Using a computer or mobile device, connect to the WiFi network broadcast by the extender. This network should be named something like “Linksys Extender Setup-XXX.”

Linksys RE6400 WiFi Range Extender

  • Open a web browser: Once connected to the extender’s network, open a web browser and navigate to the web-based setup page for the extender. The URL for the setup page is http://extender.linksys.com or
  • Create an account: If this is your first time setting up the extender, you will be prompted to create a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi account. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account.
  • Choose the type of setup: Select the type of setup you want to perform. You can choose between a “Range Extender” setup, which extends your existing WiFi network, or an “Access Point” setup, which creates a new WiFi network using a wired Ethernet connection.
  • Follow the prompts: Follow the prompts on the setup page to configure the extender. You will need to select your existing WiFi network and enter its password. You may also be prompted to configure the name and password for the extender’s new WiFi network.
  • Complete the setup: Once you have completed the setup process, the extender will restart and apply the new settings. You will then need to reconnect your devices to the new WiFi network created by the extender.
  • Position the extender: Move the extender to a location where it can provide the best possible coverage. The ideal location is typically halfway between your existing WiFi router and the area where you need extended coverage.

That’s it! Following these steps should enable you the WiFi range extender Linksys RE6400 setup and extend the range of your existing WiFi network.